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Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Buy or Not to Buy

Hello, my Pretties!

A few days ago, @BeautyArmy started up a conversation on Twitter starting with the question, "How many beauty products have you bought since January 1st?" My response? Too many to count!

Because my birthday was in December right before Christmas, I received some cash as gifts and of course I spent all my money on makeup. As of right now, I only have $10 left. I think I'll save it for gas.

I bought from CVS, Pretty Addictions, Glamour Doll Eyes, E.L.F., Zoya, and... I think that's it. Way more stuff than I would have ever bought at any one given time.

So, even though my wish list still remains long, I'm all shopped out. Financially, speaking. So now comes the horrid idea of jumping on the no-buy bandwagon. I know I should but I don't wanna! But I should. I really should.

And this is just taking into consideration all the stuff I bought! This doesn't include all the stuff I got as birthday/Christmas gifts.

So far, I have shown you my new BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palettes, all 1st through 4th Editions, my sweet-tart gave me. I also shared with you my Ulta 78 Piece Complete Color Collection that my mom gave me. I also did a blog post showcasing my collective gift from Cathy just recently.

I have yet to show you my E.L.F. 144 Eyeshadow Palette and lip gloss set from my sister and my Philosophy Christmas Hugs Gift Set from Dollie. Oh yes, and some makeup, nail, and body gift sets I received from a couple of my friends.

There is so much I want to show you! It's all so overwhelming. But like I said, I intend to go on a no-buy for a few months or maybe even a Project 5 Pan. I tried P5P last year and was only able to finish one item in a time frame of four months. I need to stop buying makeup! I have stuff still unused and unopened. Some of my stuff was only swatched. Others were only used once or twice. I need to learn to shop my stash. I have so much good stuff!

As a full on, self confessed, makeup addict, a no-buy sounds horrific. I buy just to buy. I don't need anything. But like I say, the WANT is so much more powerful than the NEED.

So, I will let you know what I decide to do. But my point is that I might just have to show you all my new goodies over a span of a few blog posts. Especially if I ban myself from makeup buying, I won't have any hauls to share. This is just an idea.

OK, I need to log off. I'm starting to stress out about not being able to buy makeup. All of a sudden, it's getting a little harder to breathe. Gasp! Gasp...

I'll keep you updated on my no-buy/P5P decision. And maybe I'll get a few of you to join me on this torturous journey. Let's suffer together!

Luv & Luk,

P.S. This is my first blog post using my Blogger App on my iPhone. Let's see how it turns out.


  1. Im not sure yet Im going to get the beautyarmy bag. But its always fun to shop fir new beauty items plus it dosent help that all the companys are comming up with new stuff.
    BBB I agree it is hard not to shop =(

    1. I did get the Beauty Army bag so I'm just waiting for it to come in. If I like it, I might get another. We'll see. I should really not buy anymore but it's so fun! I should focus my money on more important stuff...for now! LOL. I couldn't live if I gave up makeup for good! LOL.

  2. For me personally its very hard to go on a "no-buy" simply because I always find good deals and I cant pass them up. One suggestion is maybe instead of "no-buy," limit yourself to a certain amount to spend per week or per month, that way you wont overspend but you will still continue to purchase a few items here and there. @cheapalicious on twitter has this thing going on with $50 month on beauty, hair, and fashion products, I might join next month and try not to spend over $50 total per month on those products.

    1. I agree! No-buys are just torture! Everything I see I want. LOL. I was thinking about that too, setting a limit instead. I'll have to look over my money in-money out ratio and see how much I can afford to set aside for makeup and fun stuff. It's a really good idea. That way you aren't totally cut off but you still manage to spend less and keep the makeup clutter down. :)


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