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Monday, January 23, 2012

Awards: Versatile Blogger and Cute Blog Award

Hello, my Pretties!

Here is another awards post!

The next award I received was given to me by Andrea of dreafashionista.  It is the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you so very much, Andrea!

♥ You must thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link on your blog.
♥ Share 7 random facts about yourself.
♥ Send the award on to 15 other bloggers whose blog you like to read and let them know about it.

7 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME: think of another 7 random things about me after the last award will be tough!
1. I have gone to bed with makeup on way too many times.  It's a sin, I know!
2. My handwriting changes based on my mood.  I rarely write the same.
3. I was failing my math class in college with a 40.  Never ever happened to me before!
4. I own perfumes but I don't use them.
5. I haven't polished my toe nails in over a month.  That is unusual for me!
6. I wish I was a professional baker like on Cake Boss...sometimes.
7. I am terrified of carnival/amusement park rides.  You couldn't pay me to ride a roller coaster.

"15 blogs that I like to read"...well, I read them all.  I wouldn't be subscribed to you if I didn't like to read your blog.  I will just tag all of you who read this post.  If you all want this award, take it, it's yours!  I think all the blogs on my reading list are worthy of this award.  All of you have different things to offer which is a great thing for me!

And I have one more award to share with you.  This one was given to me by Jen of Adventures in Beauty.  Thank you, sweet, Jen!

This award is the Cute Blog Award!  How cute!!

1. Link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Answer the award questions.
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told any one on your blog yet.
4. Award as many blogs as you think worthy of this award.
5. Make sure to let everyone you gave the award to know that you awarded them.

1. What is your go-to makeup brand?
    Because I sell Avon, it would have to be Avon.  I have a lot of it because I can buy it at a discount!
2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
    I'm not for fashion trends.  I tend to do whatever I fell like.  LOL.  But color blocking was pretty cool.
3. What is your favorite dessert?
    I said peach cobbler last time so my second favorite would be cherry pie with vanilla ice cream!
4. Favorite color?
    Teal.  I think.  I have so many favorite colors.  LOL.  But, um, yeah.  Teal.
5. What's your middle name?
    I don't have one!  I'm sad about that.  In school they would call me Lisa Marie as in Presley.
6. What's the last song you listened to?
    "Home" by Faith Hill on the radio on the way home.  "Hello, world.  Hope you're listenin'.  Forgive me if
    I'm young and speaking out of turn.  There's someone I've been missing and I think that they could be the
    better half of me..."
7. Cat or dogs?
    Probably dogs.  I love both but I'm allergic to cats.  Make me sneeze so bad!  I want a puppy and name it
8. Something you don't know about me is...
    I was a victim of domestic violence and while I never thought I would recover from all that, I did.  Little by
    little but I survived and now I have a better life with someone who truly loves me and takes care of me.
    It's not something I talk about but I just want you to know that if you are reading this and are going through
    this, there is still hope for you.  You can be OK once again.  I promise.

1. Cathy of My Pinktastic Life
2. Nicole of NV Beauty
3. Joann of LuckyDuckyLoves
4. Priscilla of MakeupJunkie88
5. Jenny of Jenny's Blog

So that's it!  That's all the awards I had received.  It's very hard to pick out all these blogs from a list of 300 blogs I follow.  Love you all!  So if I left you out, I'm sorry.  But please, feel free to grab one of the awards or all of them if you want!  You know you deserve them!

Luv & Luk,


  1. I'm so sorry Lisa to read about domestic violence. I am glad you got out of it & have found yourself a better life. For all of those who deal with it, I pray that they find the strentgh & the courage to leave because they are all beautiful souls & deserve so much beauty in life.

    Thank you for the Faith Hill song. I've been searching for it! I don't know where I heard it, it was on tv and I loved it. I love the Pupcake lol. I might steal that. :P

    1. Yeah, I don't really talk about my past but I figured right now would be a good time to say something. You know, that I have a further reach than I have ever had. If I can inspire one person to leave a hurtful relationship, then it was worth letting my secret out.

      Oh, and I love that Faith Hill song. From the first verse, she had me! LOL. And about Pupcake, you can take it! LOL. I don't even have a dog yet. LOL. And when you call out "Pupcake" you'll think of me. Haha ;)

  2. Congrats on getting your awards, Lisa! You have a wonderful blog and you definitely deserve them!

    It was great to read all of the facts about you. I feel like I know more about you now and we even have a few things in common. For instance, my handwriting is enhanced by my mood as well. If I'm angry or in my feelings, it tends to be large and loopy lol. We also both sell avon/mark, which I think is very cool! I'm also very sorry to hear about the domestic violence you have experienced. I'm happy that you were able to get out of that situation. Domestic violence is a touchy subject to address at times, so I admire your courage for being able to share about yours.

    Take care and be blessed! Keep up the good work, darling ;-)

    1. Aw, you words have touched me--once again! You really have a way with words. Mainly because they are so genuine and I can feel your sincerity as I read them. I'm glad that you feel we have lots in common. I like to meet new friends that we have stuff to talk about :) Domestic violence is a touch subject but it exists. Plain and simple. Maybe people we know are going through it and we don't even know. I went through it for 4 years but that was almost 8 years ago. Wow! I was able to move on and others weren't that lucky. But us women are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and I think we need to always remember that. XXOO.

  3. Congrats on both of the awards!!!
    Teal is a very pretty color.
    Im sad to hear about the domestic violence in your life but so glad that now you are in a better place.
    Im so glad Im your my BBB this only makes me think you are a very strong woman =)God Bless you and your family!

    1. Thank you! I was torn on the favorite color. LOL. I love pink, especially like hot pink but I know a lot of girls would say pink so I thought about my other favorite color. LOL. I must say, I am proud of myself for moving on. It was hard. It was so freakin hard but I had to do it. There was no other way around it. If I hadn't taken that step forward, I wouldn't be here today and that is a fact. Thank you for being my BBB and for the well wishes you send to me and my family. :)

  4. Congrats on the awards! I had never heard of the cute blog award ! :)

  5. Thank you! You are so NOT going to believe me but I really was going to include you in the Cute Blog Award. I swear!!! Pinky promise you I was. I don't know why I forgot. I guess doing 2 award posts back to back got me all loopy answering all the questions and stuff. LOL. I'm so sorry. I officially award you with the Cute Blog Award. Grab the award and show it off on your blog. I love your blog! Apologies for forgetting to pass it on to you. XXOO :)

  6. Congrats on getting all your awards!! I liked learning more about you!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed this post. I like posts that enable us to share a little about each other. It is nice to get to know one another on a more personal level. We all know we each love makeup but it's fun to know even more!


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