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Monday, December 24, 2012

Buy and Blog: Family Dollar

Hello, my Pretties!

A whole two months and a day ago, October 23, to be exact, I made a trip to my local Family Dollar.  I can't remember what I went in for but I know what I bought.  Lots of makeup goodies!  I love to check out the cosmetics section of random dollar stores.

It must have been a pay day because I bought a lot!

Family Dollar Haul
Not bad for $11!

You all know I just had to buy this one here:

L.A. Color Jumbo Eye Pencil

CP401 Sea Shells

I heard these were going to be good and very comparable to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils and if this one was anything like Milk, then I'd of hit the beauty jackpot!

As you can see from the swatches below, the pigmentation at first swipe is great.  It loses some of it as you blend it out but that's to be expected.

Aside from the price point, the only way I see this differ from the actual NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk is that Milk is creamier, Sea Shells was a bit drier and a tad bit harder to blend out.

NYX JEPs are, what, $3.50?  So, you save a couple of bucks.  Not a bad deal at all.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for eyeshadow palettes.  I am!  I'm horrible.  I see a palette and I want to buy it automatically.  I don't know why.  It's a sickness.

I had never heard of this brand, Modesa.  But hey, it's an eyeshadow palette and the colors looked pretty and the price was right so I nabbed it up right quick.

Modesa Essential Beauty Kit

When I got home and opened it up, right off the bat, these shadows reminded me of the Profusion eyeshadows.  I'm not complaining.  Profusion eyeshadows are dirt cheap and work really well.  I have a few Profusion eyeshadow palettes.  Shocking, right!  Haha. own it!

And here are all 39 eyeshadow swatches.  I applied them on my forearm without a base, primer, or foundation.
Top to Bottom:
Row 1 Left to Right.

Top to Bottom:
Row 2 Left to Right.

Top to Bottom:
Row 3 Left to Right.

Top to Bottom:
Row 4 Left to Right.

Top to Bottom:
Row 5 Left to Right.

And here are the 3 blush swatches.  I think they can be used as a high light, blusher, and bronzer.

Blush 1

Blush 2

Blush 3

I can always count on my dollar stores to have an assortment of L.A. Colors for me.  I do enjoy most of the L.A. Colors line.  Eyeshadows are a definite hit and miss for me but I love their lipstick, lip glosses, and nail polishes.

Even if I think their shadows are hit and miss, I always pick some up because you never know if there is a jewel in one of their palettes.  Besides, the price is painless.

L.A. Colors 12 Eyeshadow Palette

I have a palette just like this in the blue/gray scheme but I don't know where it is.  I don't think I ever even opened it.  Oh well.  I also already had this palette.  You see, I have so much that I never remember what I have and end up buying doubles.  So I gave the other, unopened one, to my sister.  She said she loved it and uses it every day.

Here are the swatches.  These swatches were also done on my forearm without any primer, base, or foundation.

Top to Bottom:
Row 1 Left to Right.

Top to Bottom:
Row 2 Left to Right.
I can honestly say that this palette did not disappoint.  Some of the lighter shades are pretty darn light but I use those for high lights.  This one is one of my most used palettes of the moment.  I guess if I had kept up with my MONTHLY FAVORITES POSTS, this one would have appeared on my list of favorites for sure.

Finally, we come to the end of my fairly decent haul.  These are the 3 L.A. Colors brand nail polishes I picked up.  There are always so many nail polish colors to choose from but this is what I picked out that day.

L.A. Colors Nail Lacquer

NP376 Berry Red

I bought this red in hopes that it would be an awesome classic red for the upcoming holidays.  (Christmas is tomorrow!  Yay!)  But I was slightly disappointed with this one.  It's a bit sheer.  Not sure if you can tell from the swatches but it has more of a jelly finish.  I was hoping for a creme finish.  Creme finishes are my favorite.  Nonetheless, it's still pretty.

Swatch.  Two coats.

NP382 Party Girl

I'll admit, I grabbed this one because of the name.  Party Girl!  Haha.  That's me.  Heh, I wish!  But it did turn out to be a really cute color!  It's a bright hot pink with purple glitter flecks.  Nice.  It's definitely a party color and will look great in the summer.  Just look at how the glitters sparkle and reflect in the sunshine!
(I apologize for the overly bad
Swatch.  Two coats.

NP385 Splendid

And well this one, this looked too cute not to buy.  I am a fan of purple.  I am a fan of shimmers.  This had both.  Much more understated than the other two but just as impressive.  Quickly became one of my new favorite nail polishes.

Swatch.  Two coats.

And scene.

Haha.  That's it.  No more.

Before I go, let me just wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I doubt I will be around tomorrow to do a Christmas post for you all.  You know how flaky I am.  I post once and disappear for a week or more.  Haha.  So just let me take the time right now to wish you all of the best.  Have a super safe and happy holiday no matter what you celebrate, where you celebrate, or with who you celebrate.  I wish you all nothing but happiness and love.


♥♥ All products mentioned in this blog post were purchased by me with my own money.  These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Comfort Zone

Hello, my Pretties!

A while back, July to be exact, we took a trip to Corpus Christi.  The sweet-tart had to go for his job obligations, our girls and I tagged along for fun.  What was supposed to be a 3 day trip, turned into a week.  The sweet-tart had to work everyday that we were up there so the girls and I spent a lot of time in the hotel room watching TV, eating, and swimming in the pool.

I didn't take my entire makeup arsenal but I took one tiny little makeup bag filled with my essentials.  My face powder, foundation, and blush.  One black eyeliner and one black mascara.  One sheer coral lip gloss because that just looks good with everything.  And one eyeshadow palette.  Picking out what eyeshadow to take was the worst.  I am an eyeshadow fiend!  But I decided on sporting a neutral look while we were away from home because I can do a neutral eye a lot faster and with a lot less product than my more colorful and dramatic looks.

I decided on my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette.

Wet n Wild 8-pan palette in Comfort Zone

Left column on top.
Right column on bottom.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

And just for fun, I took my Zoya mini nail polish in the shade Myrta.  I LOVE THIS COLOR!

So, this post was supposed to be up in July but I'm a tad late with it being December and all.  Oh well, you all know my by now.  Speaking of late posts, I have others that some how escaped from me and I never posted so I just might work on them and still bring those to life.

Giveaway: Addictionista Diana's MPLA Giveaway!

Hello, my Pretties!

I just wanted to share with you a quick little post here inviting you to enter my fellow MPLA Addictionista Diana's INSTAGRAM giveaway!

Diana is the first girlie to be hosting a giveaway where the prize is nothing but My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics.  If you haven't yet tried MPLA, this is the perfect giveaway for you.

Here are the rules:

1. Must follow Diana on Instagram @beautyrush05 and use #AddictionistaDianaGiveaway as the hashtag when you share the photo shown above.

2. Must like Dollhouse Face Couture and My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics on Facebook.

3. Repost and Tag Diana in this photo and tell her what your favorite MPLA shade is.

4. Direct relatives are not eligible to win.

5. Unlimited entries. Profile and account must be PUBLIC.

6. Giveaway closes on December 31, 2012.

7. USA entries only.

8. Winner will be chosen at random.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics: Christmas Collection

Hello, again, my Pretties!

I just had to share with you the LIMITED EDITION Christmas Collection by My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics.  I couldn't really hold off on this blog post any longer considering this collection was made for Christmas and only a few were made so make sure that you get yours soon before they are all gone!

This is a set of 5 shimmery vegan friendly shadows with an adorable Christmas theme.

Shown left to right are:
Santa's Cookies (white/gold)
Rudolph's Glare (red)
Santa's Undies (pine green)
Sleigh Bells (light gold)
Mrs. C's Wig (silver/blue)

The colors are phenomenal.  I mean, just look at that shimmer!  And I think they are so appropriate for the holidays.

They are packaged in full size 5 gram jars without sifters.  These are NOT sample sized!

This is a $36.00 value and is being sold for only $20.00 and $2.50 shipping anywhere in the United States and $5.50 outside of the U.S.

Purchase this collection on Esty just by clicking HERE.

♥♥I am a promoter for My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics.  I do not own the rights to these photos.  They are stock photos from the MPLA Esty shop.♥♥