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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prestige Cosmetics

Hello, my Pretties!

I have had this blog post in the works for such a long time!  I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finally get it up here.  My apologies to Tilson PR for my lack of efficiency and promptness.

Back in the end of September, I got contacted via email by a representative of Tilson PR asking if I'd like to sample some Prestige Cosmetics in turn for a review on my blog.  I am always looking for new opportunities to try new, or new to me, companies and products.  I had heard of Prestige but had never actually tried it.

I agreed to the partnership and this is what I was sent to sample and review:

Thank you so much for the generous samples!

Prestige Skin♥Loving Minerals
Bakedshadow Quad in Gemma

Bakedshadow Quad Mineral Eyeshadow in Gemma
NET WT .07 oz/ 2g

Before I tried the shadows, I fell in love with the name.  Gemma.  So pretty.  I'm going to have another baby and hope it's a girl so I can name her Gemma.  Haha.  OK, maybe not.

I couldn't help but thing the shadows looked like little moons, for the exception of the pink one.  Haha.  I don't own any "baked" shadows so I was excited to add these to my collection.

Fingertip swatch.

Fingertip swatch.

As you can see, the colors are very cool toned which I tend to avoid.  I think warm tones look better on me.  But they colors were pretty.  Very pigmented on the fingertip swatches.

The next photo, below, shows the shadows swatched on my forearm over bare skin.  No base.  No primer. No foundation.  These baked shadows can also be applied wet but I swatched them dry.

As you can see, the shadows loose some of their pigmentation and punch when applied like this.  All except for the pink appear a little bit washed out.

Forearm swatches.

The Prestige Skin♥Loving Minerals Bakedshadow Quad was not as great as I hoped it would be, but they aren't horrible either. I would like to try another quad in a different shade just to see if the reason these aren't my favorite is because of the colors.  They do apply smoothly.  They are not hard to blend out.  But too much blending will remove a lot of the shadow.  But on the plus side, these shadows did not crease on me.

This next item is the Prestige Shadow Duo in Morada.  Now this one, I loved!

My shadow was a little bit broken but no biggie :)

Prestige Eyeshadow Duo in Morada
NET WT .08 oz/ 2.5 g

These shadows look great in the pan and equally as beautiful in the swatches below.  I love the sheen to them.  They sparkle sweetly.  Such a pretty duo.  And purple...I'm partial to purple :)

These shadows are also made to be used wet or day.  And again, these did a terrific job of lasting all day.

Forearm swatches.

I love eyeliner.  Don't you?  I were black eyeliner about 95% of the time so when I received this green eyeliner from Prestige, I was open to it.  Perfect time to try and wear new colors.

Prestige Eyeliner in Marble
NET WT .04 oz/ 1.1 g

Eeep!  I loved this eyeliner.  Loved it!  And there are 21 other shades available!  Wow.

I was so surprised at how easily it glides onto my waterline.  I don't often wear liner on my waterline because I don't have one that is color rich on the slipperiness of my waterline.  But this worked!  Not only did it glide on easily, it lasted for most of the day too!  Major plus!

This liner is very creamy.  There is no tugging whats so ever.  My eyelids are showing signs of wrinkles already so this helps me get an even line all the way across my eyelid.  Now I want one in black!


I not only received eye products, I also got a couple of lip products too!

I got one gloss and one lipstick in a shade so perfect for fall.

Prestige Vinylwear Extreme Lip Gloss in Plum Rush

Prestige Vinylwear Extreme Lip Gloss in Plum Rush
NET WT .20 fl oz/ 6ml

I searched for the price of this lip gloss but was unable to find it.


Forearm swatch.

Such a pretty color.  So pretty!  You can see the gentle golden sparkles in this berry tinted gloss.  I don't wear red on my lips often so I think that berry tones are the next best thing.  And isn't the shine amazing?  It's very glossy.  But it can be sticky if you apply it heavily.  It has a thick feel to it.  Moisturizing, though.

I cannot pin point the scent but it does have one.  It is a pleasant one for me.  Something candy like.  Sweet but fruity too.

As for the flavor, it doesn't really have one.  I don't know how to say this other than it tastes like it smells.  You know?

Lip swatch.

And last but not least, here is my newest lipstick.

Prestige Color Persist Long-Wear Lipstick in Enduring Blush
NET WT .12 oz/ 3.5g

I also searched the site for the price listing but was unable to find it.

Enduring Blush

The packaging is sleek and classic.  Black tube has a matte finish to it.

The inner core contains pro vitamin B5 and vitamins C and E.

I like the moisturizing core centered inside the lipstick.  It's like it contains it's own lip balm.  Anything that keeps my lips moisturized, I'm all for it.  My lips tend to behave like my skin, they are always dry.

It has a slight scent as well but not the sweet/fruity kind like the lip gloss.  This is more of perfume like scent. I don't notice it while on my lips unless I make a pucker face and try and smell my own lips.  And as for taste, I'll say it again.  It tastes like it smells.

Forearm swatch.

I enjoyed the sheerness of the lipstick.  I think it's the balm like center that keeps the lipstick from applying at full strength and being too bold.  Again, this is a great fall color.

The feel on my lips is creamy.  Moisturizing.  Not sticky at all.  I got a few good hours of wear out of this and noticed a slight tint to my lips when the lipstick wore off.

Lip swatch.

And I think it looks great on my lips.  They look so healthy and moisturized.

Now, let me show you what I did with ALL of these Prestige goodies...

In this next photo, you can see that I used the Prestige Eyeshadow Duo in Morada along my lower lash line. I used the light purple shade on the inner half of my lash line and the darker shade of purple on the outer half of my lower lash line.

In the photo below, you can see that I used the Prestige Bakedshadow Quad from my lid to my brow bone. I used the pink shade on my lid, the light gray in my crease, the dark gray in my outer "V" and the light blue as my brow high light.

I also used the Prestige Eyeliner in Marble on my upper lash line.

As for my lips, I applied a coat of the Prestige Color Persist Long-Wearing Lipstick in Enduring Blush and topped it off with a swipe of the Prestige Vinylwear Extreme Lip Gloss in Plum Rush.

And there you have it!  My favorite of the bunch was the Prestige Color Persist Long-Wearing Lipstick in Enduring Blush and my least favorite was the Prestige Bakedshadow Quad in Gemma.

Over all, my first impression of Prestige Cosmetics is a good one.  I enjoyed the selection of items very much.  I am happy to have been given this opportunity to try these products out.  I am looking forward to making a Prestige purchase soon.

I personally would like to thank Tilson PR for this opportunity.

If you would like, keep up with Prestige Cosmetics via social media at:

♥♥ All items mentioned in this post were sent to me free of charge by Tilson PR in exchange for a product review.  These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Pretty Little Addiction Cosmetics

Hello, my Pretties!

I've had some news to share with all of you for a couple of months now.  I have finally prepared this post to share my news with you.  I received my good fortune via a message on Facebook on September 6th after submitting my application.  The response was unexpected but oh so very welcomed.

I am a new promoter for a new up and coming Indie makeup company!!  I introduce you all to MY PRETTY LITTLE ADDICTION COSMETICS!


MPLA was founded in February of 2011 by ownder Breanna Young.  Her company is centered around mineral cosmetics as well as bath and body items.  All products are handmade and offer vegan friendly alternatives to 95% of the products.  Some items are even sulfate and paraben free too.

In October I received my first promoter box which contained the first 18 eyeshadows to hit MPLA.  I have decided to share each individual color here with you today.  Are you ready??

All swatches are swatched over the MPLA Primer which is probably the best eye primer I have ever used.  No joke. And over bare skin so that you can see the difference.  Seeing as how they are loose shadows, I highly recommend applying them over a primer.  A primer will help the shadows adhere better to the skin.

While I consider myself a writer by nature, I am horrible at describing colors.  Why don't I let the swatches do all the talking...

After Dark


Autumn Sunset


Celestial Peach


Dirty Gold


Fierce Dutchessa


Fierce Mamma


Ice Kween




Moon Essence


Playing Koi


Royal Maiden


Scarlett Dream


Sinful Orchid


Smurfberry Dust


Sodalite Sea


Starlight Maiden




Waking Dawn


MPLA Primer

Swatch straight from the tube

Swatch blended out

You're in love with these shadows, aren't you?  I think you are.  It was love at first swatch for me too.

At the moment, MPLA has a website set up already but it is unavailable for shopping.  Feel free to visit the website at  It is a pretty sexy looking site.

But I have a list of the prices-to-be here:

Sample Jars: $2.50 (about 3/4 tsp of product)
Full Size Jars: $6.00 (5 gram jar without a sifter)
Deluxe Size Jars: $11.50 (10 gram jar without a sifter)
Primer: $7.00 (8 gram net wt tube)

And don't for get to 'like' the MPLA Facebook Fan Page at so you can stay up to date on all things MPLA.  Here you will find looks done by all the Addictionistas (our promoters) and swatches too.  The official MPLA launch date will be announced here.  The day is coming...SOON!

I hope that you enjoyed these swatches and stayed tuned for my latest looks all featuring these MPLA shadows!

♥♥ All items mentioned in this blog post were sent to me free of charge in exchange for promotional and reviewing purposes.  I am a My Pretty Little Addiction promoter.  These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥