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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fashionista Friday: Sundays in September

Sundays in September

Hello, my Pretties!
I know, today is Friday, Fashionista Friday to be exact, but this look I created feels like a Sunday to me.  Casual.  Comfy.  Cozy.
I created this on Polyvore.  When I did this look, I didn't think to watermark it with my blogger name but I promise I created this look.
Let me just say, I have never worn a flannel shirt because I have always felt to manly to wear one.  Being overweight and wearing flannel has never proven to be a good look on me.  But a girl can dream, no?  And that's why I love Polyvore!
And OMG, the jacket!  The boots!  I'm loving those two pieces the most.  But I also adore the leather bow accented bracelet.  I know it looks like a belt but it's a bracelet.  And the leaf shaped earrings were too cute not to add to this September inspired outfit.
Make sure to follow me on Polyvore at to see more of my creations and get all the info on where you can buy the items I pick for my sets.

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beauty In Beast Mode: Weekly Weigh In (9/15-9/21)

Hello, my Pretties!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, Saturday, but I simply just ran out of time and so here it is today.

This type of post which I call a "Weekly Weigh In" should be posted on Saturdays from now on.  Weekly Weigh In posts are to share my progress, or lack there of, in my weight loss journey.  I will share my weight loss/weight gain for that week, workouts I did, and maybe even healthy food ideas.

Since introducing my new fitness/healthy lifestyle to you all recently, I have been nothing but a bum!  No joke!  It's depressing really...

At first I was all about fitness and exercising daily and eating only healthy foods and I was loving it and I was feeling great.  The weight was coming off and I couldn't be happier!  But now, now I got lazy and have been eating my bad old diet and hardly exercising at all.  And guess what, the weight is coming back!  Big shocker there.

I made the choice to constantly be posting my workouts or food intake on Instagram, on my Beauty In Beast Mode Facebook Page, and now on here because I thought it would keep me motivated.  ACCOUNTABLE.  I didn't want to fail in front of my people.  I thrived on their compliments and words of encouragement.  It kept me going when I just wanted to give up. 

But things changed and I don't know why.

I rarely exercise now.

It's like I can be in a routine and workout everyday and be fine with it but the one day I don't workout, it's nearly impossible to workout the next day.  The same goes with food.  I can eat so clean and healthy and I'm fine.  I don't want a piece of cake or a glass of Coke but the moment I have that taste, I can turn it off.  I want to eat!  Eat everything in sight! 

People have always told me not to be so strict with myself.  It's ok not to workout everyday.  It's ok to have "bad" treats every once in a while.  But I know me.  The moment I fall off the imaginary wagon, I'm too lazy, weak to jump back on.

September was supposed to be SLIM DOWN SEPTEMBER for me.  I haven't done much slimming at all.  I started September 1st at 155.2 and three weeks in, as of Saturday 9/21, I weigh 154.7.  That is only .5 oz. weight loss.  Talk about disappointing.

So for the week of 9/15-9/21:
♥ Sunday (9/15) Weigh In: 154.5
♥ Saturday (9/21) Weigh In: 154.7
♥ # of Workouts: 2

Workout: September 18, 2013

Sunday's Workout:
2.000 miles
29:45 duration
307 calories burned

Workout: September 20, 2013

Friday's Workout:
2.000 miles
25:45 duration
264 calories

So as you can see, I have not been doing enough. 

I always add a fitness related quote to my workout collages to help inspire and motivate myself and others as well since I share these photos on Facebook and Instagram.  Usually, a witty quote can motivate me unlike no other but lately, they are just words to me.

I want to get back to my fitness loving self.  She is inside me suffocating under all my fat but I know she is in there. 

I know I can get back in the hang of it as long as I keep trying and pushing myself.  I did it once, I can do it again!

I'm going to bring it on!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Fashionista Friday: Read Between the Lines

Hello, my Pretties!
It's finally Friday!!
And you know what that means.  It's time for another edition of Fashionista Friday!
The outfit I have for you today I created myself.  I envisioned myself at a beautiful lush, peaceful park on a sunny fall day where there was the slightest nip in the delicate breeze.  I pictured myself wearing this while sitting on a park bench and reading a book or magazine and sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Which I haven't tried but have heard so much about!

I have never in my adult life worn colored jeans but I remember rocking them in like 2nd grade.  Haha.  But I saw these coral colored pants and I was drawn to them!  They are so pretty!  And just so I wouldn't feel so colorful, I paired it with the black and white stripped top to tone it down. The contrast between the stripped top and the floral scarf was a match made in heaven for me.

The shoes and the bag were kept simple.  Black flats are a must for fall.  They are casual,  work appropriate,  and can even be dressed up.  The big black bag is something I would use on a daily basis.  I like to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse.  Half the stuff in my purse I never use.  But it has to hold my makeup bag, wallet, cell phone, keys, paperback book, Nook, and iPad, for sure.  Haha.

And the manicure, well, that just ties the entire look together!  I adore the pattern and the colors are on point!

I do not own anything like this in my closet but I'm definitely going to try and recreate this look.  I am so in love with it.  It's sort of like welcoming fall while not quite ready to let summer go.

Would you wear this?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Oh, and by the way, Sunday is the first day of fall!   Yay!

Luv & Luk,

♥ I did this blog post on my Samsung Galaxy 3. ♥
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bookworm Blogger: Mrs. Leakey Is Freaky!

Hello, my Pretties!
How's this for a change of pace?  I have a book review...on a children's book!  That's right.  You can add this to the "book" file in this blog.  I'm thinking of doing more of these since I am an avid reader, always have been, always will be.
Just a quick little background info:
My eldest daughter, Madison, is in third grade.  Our school district participates in what we call the Accelerated Reader program.  All the students in elementary participate. 
What is the Accelerated Reader program? 
It is a program that was put in place to motivate children to read more.  They check out books from their library and each book is ranked according to Reading Level and is allotted a certain number of Points based on Reading Level and difficulty. Once the child has read the book, they take a test on the computer that was created for that specific book.  If the child passes the test, they obtain the Points.  The Points then begin to accumulate and that's when the awards come into play.  For the children that read X amount of books in the current six weeks grading period, they are allowed to attend a "celebration" where they get treats and get to play games as a reward.  At the end of the school year, trophies are given to the one boy and one girl who read more and accumulated more Points than all the others.
So, I took it upon myself to start reading the books that my daughter checked out from the library.  This way I can question her about the book and I will be able to tell if she did in fact read the book and if she understood what she read.  This is me trying to become a better, more involved parent.
And today she checked out this book.
Ms. Leakey Is Freaky! by Dan Gutman, pictures by Jim Paillot.  Published 2011.
This appears to be #12 in the My Weird School Daze series.  It contains 11 chapters and a total of 102 pages.
My daughter just got this book today and is on Chapter 5.  I read the entire book in about 40 minutes.
My Review:
This was the first book I read in this series and I loved it.  It is so witty!  I found myself smiling throughout the entire book and even laughed out loud too.
The story is told through the voice of A.J. who is a student at Ella Mentry School.  (Haha.)  I don't believe his age or grade is mentioned.
A.J. is a boy with funny commentary that keeps the reader entertained which is very important in a children's book, I think.
The overall concept of the book is to teach children how to be healthy. 
The school hires a new health teacher by the name of Ms. Leakey.  She is identified as a "health nut".  She tries to teach the children to say no to unhealthy foods, sugars, fats and yes to fruits and vegetables in such extreme ways such as sticking her hands into A.J.'s mouth to try and pull out a bite of Twinkie.  Extreme?   Sure.  Funny?  Yes.
Ms. Leakey singles out A.J. because she feels he is a leader at the school.  And if she can get him to start eating healthy,  the other children are soon to follow.  And because of this, she keeps such a close eye on A.J. to make sure he isn't making unhealthy food choices, that she appears to be everywhere.  Including at the bottom of a candy bin in the grocery store and under A.J.'s bed.
The author gives out great ideas on how to be healthier all the while being funny and entertaining for the children.  But there are moments when it gets a little too scientific for young kids.  Like when he states the ingredients in a Twinkie.
"Dextrose!   Sodium acid pyrophosphate!  Diglycerides!  Polysorbate 60!  Partially hydrogenated animal shortening!  You want to put those chemicals into your body?"
When my daughter was reading that, she couldn't pronounce the words.  Heck, neither could I!  Haha.
And the story has a good lesson for us all.  Eating healthy and being healthy is best but treats are OK too in moderation.
I enjoyed reading this little story and I hope that you enjoyed my review.  Something different, I know, but different can be good too.
I recommend this book for those of you who have children in "Ella Mentry School".  Haha.
Luv & Luk,
♥ I did this blog post on my Samsung Galaxy 3. ♥

Avon: Fall Designer Sale

Hello, my Pretties!
Today I have a FREE SHIPPING code to share with you!  Don't we all love free shipping?  I do!  I do!
For you Avon addicts, I extend this invitation to check out our Fall Designer Sale where you can save up to 55% off.  That's a good deal!
To better sweeten the deal, you can also receive free shipping on any $10.00 order.  Enter code: SAVE4FALL at checkout.  The coupon code expires Midnight on 9/25/13 and applies to Direct Deliveries ONLY.
I am an Independent Sales Representative for Avon and I have my own online eStore where you can shop 24/7 at:
Take advantage of this awesome deal!
Luv & Luk,
♥ I did this blog post using my Samsung Galaxy 3. ♥

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Swatch & Yearn: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks

Hello, my Pretties!

Today I am bringing you a mini swatch-fest!  Can you believe I have had these photos in my computer since April 22, 2013 and I am now just posting them?  Yeah, if you know me at all, you can believe it... Sigh.

I purchased these Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks at my local Dollar General and I believe I paid $2.00 for each one.  I am not 100% positive since I did purchase these 5 months ago but I'm like 80% sure that I paid $2.00 per lippie.

First up is 900B Pink Suga'.  Of the three Meglast Lipsticks that I purchased that day, this one is by far my least favorite.  I saw it nude in the tube and I wanted it badly.  I had been wanting to try the nude lip trend for a while so when I saw this one, I figured $2.00 was a good price to pay just in case I didn't like it.  I didn't.

It is way too light for my skin tone.  It looks grossly pale on my lips.  No thank you.  I have used Pink Suga' since but I use it as a topper to go over a too dark lipstick to mute it.  It works well for me in that sense.

Next in line is 904B Rose-bud.  Now this is a color that I can, and have gotten, a lot of use out of.  It's a richly pigmented pink.  This one can appear a bit bright on me at times but it's a very wearable shade that I enjoy using a lot.  Winner!

And lastly I have 915B Spiked with Rum.  I love this color!  I am not sure why it photographed so lightly in the tube but the swatch on my lips and inner wrist is true to color.  Even though I bought this back in April, I can see myself using this a lot this fall.  It is a rich wine color.  Again, another winner!

Over all thoughts:

I have been a huge fan of Wet n Wild for years and it is difficult for them to disappoint me.  These lipsticks were no disappointments!

Granted, I wasn't crazy about Pink Suga' but that's just because the color was all wrong for me, in my opinion.

The formula is really good.  It's opaque, it's long lasting.  I thought the lipsticks weren't as creamy as others but they held on to the lips beautifully.  Once applied, the color didn't budge.  Because they are "megalast"ing, I felt them a bit dry on the lips but a swipe of lip balm on top fixes that issue.

And of course, you can't beat the price!  Even though I'm not 100% of the price, I'm pretty sure that I only paid $2.00 for them.  I more than sure now.  Yup.  $2.00!  They are a steal at two bucks!  I need more and that's for sure.

So, what colors do you have?

♥♥ All products mentioned in this blog post were purchased by me with my own money.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are honest and my own. ♥♥

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashionista Friday: Fall Into Me

Hello, my Pretties!
I decided that since I'm hoping to get a job at a clothing store, I should brush up on my fashionista skills.  Did I ever even have style??
Working at the clothing store will be a great way to stay up to date on all the latest trends. 
And of course, thanks to Pinterest, Polyvore, and Instagram, style inspiration is overflowing!
I think that every Friday I will share a Fashion Friday post with you.  Some might be looks I did myself while others will be looks by others that I just had to share.
This first Fashion Friday look is not by me but definitely something I would wear.
I love this entire look.  I love the pop of green.  The bag is perfect.  The sweater is cute. The boots are nice but by simply wearing a pair of heels or boots with a heel, this casual look can become work appropriate or even date worthy. The jewelry is simple, just like I like it.
This look makes me crave fall!  Even though we are already in September, it still feels like summer here in Texas with temperatures still in the 90s daily.  I can't wait to see the temperature drop so I can recreate this look.
Would you wear this?
Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!
Luv & Luk,
♥ I created this blog post using my Samsung Galaxy 3. ♥

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dots Fashions: Interview Look

Hello, my Pretties!

As I mentioned in one of my blog posts yesterday, I had my second interview this morning with the District Manager of Dots Fashions.  Interviews always make me nervous and I never know what to wear.  But this being an interview for a position at a clothing store, I felt extra pressured to look good!

I scoured my closet for the right thing to wear and this is what I came up with:

I opted for a sweet and innocent look.  Classic yet feminine.  What do you think?  Is it cute??

I wore this pale pink and cream cotton and lace top that my sister gave me last year with some boot cut jeans that I bought at Dots a couple of months ago.  As for the accessories, I kept it simple with wearing a single statement piece, also from Dots.  I love this pearl and goldtone multi-strand necklace.  The fabric flower is the perfect girly touch.  And on my feet, I chose to wear some really cute white leather sandals that had little roses on the strap, which I forgot to take a photo of, sadly.

As for my makeup, I usually go for a bold eye look but I decided on a softer look for the interview.  I didn't want to distract with my typical bright makeup.  I used my BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette 2nd Edition.  I used a matte peach on my lid, a matte soft, delicate pink in my crease and a shimmery mild brown in my outer V.  I used mark. On the Edge Liquid Eyeliner in Painted Black for my upper lash line and a shimmery taupe shadow from my BH 120 2nd Edition to line my lower lash line.  Several coats of mascara (Avon, Cover Girl, and Almay) finished off my eyes.  The rest of my makeup was just as simple.  I used a NYX blush in Peach for my cheeks and Avon's Big Color Lip Pencil in Glossy Celestial for my lips.  Viola!

I felt pretty and confident as I went in for the interview.  I hope that was apparent.  In my heart I feel that the interview went well.  I felt comfortable speaking with the District Manager and I liked her very much.  I hope that she liked me too!  I was told that there are other interviews set for today and she said that she looks forward to seeing me again.  I hope so! 

Now it's time to sit around and anxiously await the phone call.  I feel confident that I will be hired but I won't rest assured until I've signed the papers!  There are other girls coveting the position as well so I will gladly accept all prayers, well wishes, and good vibes sent my way!  Wish me luck!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beauty In Beast Mode: Fitness Blender Beginner HIIT Workout Cardio & Toning

Hello, my Pretties!

This is my first OFFICIAL Beauty In Beast Mode fitness blog post!  Yay!!

Tonight, I decided to do something different and new.  Lately I have been a slave to my treadmill but not tonight.  Tonight I did my first HIIT workout.

I found Fitness Blender on YouTube and so far I am loving all of the workout videos they have to offer.  You see, if you have the internet, you don't even need gym membership!  Check out Fitness Blender on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Here was tonight's workout:

Here are tonight's results:

It took me 21 minutes and 16 seconds to complete a 4 minute warm up and 17 minute workout.  In those 21 minutes, I burned 144 calories (according to my Polar FT4).  And I sweated...a lot.

Overall thoughts on this Fitness Blender Beginner HIIT Workout:

I liked it!  I suggest you do this workout as soon as you are done reading this blog post!  Priorities, people, haha.  It wasn't difficult at all.  It worked up a little sweat, got the heart rate going, felt those ab muscles and thighs tighten up so all in all, it's good!

Like I said, you don't even need a gym membership if you have the internet.  There are so many workout videos out there for you to do and it's FREE!  I definitely plan on doing more of these online workouts so stay tuned to see what else I find for you guys.

And there you have it.  My first fitness post.  Did you guys enjoy it?  Be honest!  I love sharing my workouts with you all because it keeps me motivated to keep going and accountable for my progress.  I don't want to fail with so many eyes on me!

I'll leave you with a little FITSPIRATION:


Beauty In Beast Mode

Hello, my Pretties!


I have something to ask you.

I know my blog has always been a makeup and beauty blog.  BUT, what if I added on to that?  Makeup always has been and ALWAYS will be a huge part of my life.  But right now, health and fitness is also very important to me.  I would like your opinion on this topic.  Would it be a wise idea to integrate health/fitness posts into this already established BEAUTY blog??

I firmly believe that being healthy and fit makes you feel beautiful!  A true, organic, genuine beauty that makeup cannot make up.

I think that I have mentioned on this blog before my love of other things besides makeup and how I would like to bring that into this blog but then, it would no longer be a beauty blog but maybe more of a lifestyle blog.  Hmm...

I just really need to know what you think.

I love to blog but I want to blog about things that you want to read about!  This blog is for you!  I want to make you happy and make you want to come back tomorrow to see what else I have to share.

Your opinion matters a lot so give it to me!

As I mentioned, you can follow me on Istagram (msprettyfulgirl) to get some of my health and fitness updates.  And you can also go 'LIKE' my new Facebook Page dedicated to my weight loss journey at

New Cover Photo

Hello, my Pretties!

Did you notice my new cover photo I have up on the blog??

I decided it was time for a change.  I'd like to revamp the entire look of my blog but I am so not tech savvy that I wouldn't know how to.  The only thing that I could do was change the cover photo.

I was going to use this one:

The photo collage above is the one I use on my Facebook Page at

I think it's nice.  It shows what I'm all about.  Eyes, lips, and nails!  I picked some of my favorite looks :)

You guys haven't seen me post in a while so I'm not sure you will notice but the full face photo of me in the center of the collage is after a 20 pound weight loss.  It's so funny and flattering how when I posted that photo on Instagram, people started asking if I had lost weight because my face looked thinner!  Haha.  Yes, the first place you notice weight loss is in the face...and the boobs!  Ha!

So which one do you like better?  The one I chose or this one?


Two Months, Three Days

Hello, my Pretties!

I cannot believe that it has been 2 months and 3 days since the last time I wrote in my blog!  That is unacceptable!  Mainly because I don't really have a good enough reason as to why I stopped blogging in the first place.  Bummer.

In case you are wondering, no much has been going on, actually.  My girls just started school this past August.  Even my baby!  My 3 year old is in pre school now, full time, and my oldest started the 3rd grade.  At the moment, I am still a stay at home mom even though there isn't any children at home from the hours of 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.  For the last two weeks I've sort of been bumming around.  I FINALLY get to watch TV, mind you TV that isn't Disney.  I take a short nap on some days.  I have a peaceful breakfast.  I still do my household chores, of course, and sometimes, I make time (or rather, muster up the energy) to workout.

Working out was a huge thing for me this summer.  I actually started back in March 2013 on my new healthy lifestyle and managed to drop 30 pounds.  I was running 4 miles a day in July and bumped it up to 6 miles a day in August.  But then school started and my mornings have been hectic getting the girls ready and making breakfast then dropping them off and by the time all that is said and done, it's too darn hot to go out running.  I live in Texas, remember.  It's always summer here.

Little by little I have gained some of my weight back and I've been trying to get back into the swing of things.  I need to drop another 30 pounds to be where I want to be.  It took me 6 months to lose the first 30 so I'm giving myself another 6 months to lose the last 30.  But to be honest, I think if I can drop another 20 pounds, I'd be pretty happy.  You can follow my progress on Instagram (msprettyfulgirl) because I post a lot of my fitness tid bits there.

Oh!  And a major thing is that I'm looking for a job now.  You know, since my kids are in school, I might as well go back to work.  I haven't worked in nearly 4 years.  My last day of work was back in September 2009 since I quit so that I could prepare for the birth of my daughter who was due in October.  I'm so rusty and I'm scared to go back to work but I did apply with a clothing store chain that I used to work for before.  I got an interview and aced that.  Now tomorrow I have my second interview, this time with the district manager, and hopefully I will get hired.  OMG, TOMORROW!  Eeep!  I'm so terrified!

I've seriously been thinking about starting up my YouTube channel again.  Not sure though.  I have so many social media accounts that I never keep up with them all.  Haha.  I love YouTube and I wanted to be the next big thing, (haha, very funny, right?) but I just can't compete or compare to the girls out there making awesome videos!  Oh well, we shall see if I get the courage to start up again.  If I do, I'll need your help.  What would you like to see?  What kind of things interest you?  What would make you watch my channel?

Oh gosh, well, that's all for now.  I have missed my blog with the fire of a thousand suns.  I hope I can bring it back from the dead...