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Monday, January 23, 2012

Awards: Kreative Blogger

Hello, my Pretties!

I have received many blog awards in my short time blogging but it's been a very, very long time since the last time I received one.  Lately though, I received 4 within a couple of weeks time!

I apologize to all the beautiful bloggers who gave me these awards since I took forever and a day to accept them and share them.

I didn't want to do multiple blog posts for the awards so I am going to do them in pairs.  I hope that this is OK with you all.

First of all, I received two Kreative Blogger Awards.

Thank you Tamyr of IN2GLOSS and Ms. Glitz Glam of Glitz Glam Budget!

1. Link back to the person that gave you this award.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know you nominated them.

1. Name your favorite song.
    "I Kissed You (Good Night)" by Gloriana.  If you haven't listened to it, YouTube it.  Sweetest thing ever!
2. Name your favorite dessert.
    Easy.  Warm peach cobbler.  It's such a treat--I never get it!  Worst kind of dessert too by the way.
3. What ticks me off.
    The fact that too many things tick me off!  I don't know if it's age or stress in general but boy has my
    temper switched over to a short fuse!
4. When I am upset, I...
    Go over and over it in my head.  I tell whatever/whomever made me upset off in my head.  I bottle up my
    feelings and shut down for a bit.  If it's really bad, I'll cry about it for a bit.  Sometimes just listening to
    music and singing along helps me calm down.
5. Favorite pet.
    That would be our baby boy.  He is a Red Niger Uromastyx.  We have had this bad boy before our first
    child was born.  We have two girls so he is our son.  He is beautiful.  He looks like a tough lizard with his
    spiny tail but he is a sweetheart.
6. Black or white?
    Black.  Has to be black.  My sweet-tart is all about the black--clothes, furniture, decorations...  I was
    never into black until he came along.  He rubbed off on me.
7. Biggest fear.
    The worst thing in the world to me would to be to lose one of my family members.  ESPECIALLY,
    LOSING ONE OF MY CHILDREN.  Heaven forbid that I should ever lose one of my children to death
    before I die, but to think of that happening, breaks me into tiny little pieces.  I have struggled with them and
    have complained about them but they are my entire world.  I love them more than I ever thought a heart
    could love and without them, I would not want to exist.
8. Everyday attitude.
    Life for me these days has been tough for so many reasons but I always think to myself, "it could be
    worse".  Which is so true!  So many others in this world have a worse life than I do.  If I sit and think
    about my life, it's really not all that bad at all.
9. What is perfection?
    Being happy.  That's it.  If you're happy, you have it all.
10. Guilty pleasures.
    Makeup!  Duh!  If I have any change jingling in my pockets, you can bet it's going to makeup!

1. I cannot fall asleep until I am laying down on my right side.
2. I used to read my mom's Harlequin romance novels when I was younger.  Those are sexy!
3. I was obsessed, and I mean obsessed with Beverly Hills, 90210.  Luke Perry, Jason Priestly.  Hott!
4. I don't like Mickey Mouse and I feel like that makes me anti-American.
5. I wish I was a teacher instead of a stay at home mom.
6. I am easily amused.
7. I love country music more than any other kind of music.

1. Dinah of D.G.S. Beauty
2. Yu of Let's Make Yu Up
3. Khristine of Beauty and the Brute
4. Krystal of Beauty by Krystal
5. Dinorah  of Dinorah Baby
6. Jacquelyn of FabDiva20
7. Nancy-Lee of fashionCHICsta!
8. Kawaii Barbie of Kawaii Barbie
9. Lacey of Laceysmile84
10. Jazmin of My Pursuit of Happiness

Make sure you check out these fabulous ladies and their equally as wonderful blogs!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Aw! :) Thank you so much chica!! oxoxo

    1. You're welcome, chica! You know you deserve it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Of course, beauty, you are very welcome :)

  3. Thank you for the award!!
    I too dont know what I would do if I loose a family member =/

  4. Of course I had to hand one over to my BBB! You can grab the other awards too :) And I know, losing a family member would be devastating. I am so close to them and my children mean everything to me.


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