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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haul: Dollar Tree Part 3

And last, but not least, here comes the last part of my Dollar Tree haul. FINALLY!

This haul also consists of L.A. Colors but this time I will be showcasing their 6 Color Eyeshadow pans. I bought a total of 5 of them.

L.A. Colors
6 Color Eyeshadow

0.14 oz (4g)
$1.00 each

Packaging is very simple.
Mine were extremely hard to open.
Nothing against sponge tip applicators,
but these sponge tip applicators are useless.

BEP 410 Dreamy

Dreamy swatches with flash.
Based on the swatches, this is my favorite palette.
All colors are pigmented.
All swatched the same as they appear in the pan.
BEP 411 Precious

Precious swatches with flash.
When I saw this palette in the store, it was the one palette I had to have.
Very disappointing. Colors were not pigmented at all.
The gold swatched great on my finger but would not transfer to my arm.

BEP 412 Hypnotic

Hypnotic swatches with flash.
Blues are NOT my favorite to wear but
this is a fantastic palette.

BEP 413 Sweet Pleasure

Sweet Pleasure swatches with flash.
Again, another palette that looked better in the pan.
The shadows apply too sheer for me.
I wanted more OOMPH!
But I can see how this might work for a sweet, innocent look.

BEP 415 Eye Candy

Eye Candy swatches with flash.
Sadly, another disappointment.
The blue shades were the only ones that "popped".
I loved that hot pink in the pan but it did not transfer well onto my arm at all.
The yellow appears more white.
The orange does not appear at all.


Well, for spending $5.00 for 30 eyeshadows, I do feel like I got a good deal. While there were only a couple palettes that I liked ALL 6 shades, I did like a few shadows in the other palettes as well. I do not think that these palettes were a waste of money.

You do get what you pay for, so $1.00 per palette isn't going to get you MAC quality pigmentation but I am still happy with my purchase. The shadows were very smooth and soft. A couple of them were on the "powdery" or "chalky" side but a majority of them were very silky.

I am happy to add these to my ever expanding collection. Now, which palette to use first!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ I purchased these products with my own money. These are my honest thoughts and my opinions. ♥♥


  1. I have 2 LA colors six eyeshadow sets and I really enjoy them both. I saw someone on youtube did a haul and now they apparently have trio's out at Dollar Tree.

    I guess I will have to try them out :)

  2. I need to go to the Dollar Tree asap!

  3. @Mrs.Makeup, Trios? Really?? Oooh... LOL. I didn't see any trio but I would love to get my hands on some! Which 6-pans do you have? I wasn't crazy about some of them but for the most part I did like them very much. I hope I change my mind when I see them on my eyes, from a nay to a yay!

    @Miss Tapia, I would if I were you! I think the Dollar Tree is great if you don't mind using $1 makeup :)


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