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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Profusion Exclusive

A couple of weeks ago I went crazy buying all the Wet n Wild trios that I could find. I got a few at one Walgreen's then I decided to go to another Walgreen's to look for my missing ones. I found them. But when I got home, I saw that I ended up with 2 Silent Treatments. Doh!

The following day I went back to one of the Walgreen's and asked to exchange the eyeshadow trio for something else. That's when I saw this huge makeup set for very cheap. I never heard of the brand before. But who cares!? For the price of $7.49, I could not resist. To me it had the look of a makeup gift set that came out for the holidays. Maybe that's why they were on clearance.

Well anyways, I cashed in my $2.99 for the WnW trio and so the Profusion Exclusive makeup set came out to $4.50 plus tax. Nice!

And here it is:
All of this for $7.49 at Walgreen's.

Small black clutch included.
I think it is used to carry the palette of your choice.
One compact, 3 palettes to interchange.

3 brushes included.
Lash comb/brow brush. Eyeshadow brush. Face brush.
I haven't tried to apply the makeup with this.
Feel semi soft, a bit on the cheap side.

3 liners included.
Red lip liner. 1 brown & 1 black eyeliner.
I tried the red and black liners.
Both very smooth and pigmented.

Pencil sharpener included
along with 4 sponge tip applicators.

72 eyeshadows and 2 more sponge tip applicators.
I have not tried all the shadows but they are buttery
smooth and very well pigmented.
Love them!

18 lip colors. 4 blushes. 2 bronzers.
I have not tried these out yet.

3 nail polishes with matching lip glosses.
I have tried the clear glitter nail polish and the smell is overwhelming.
I could not finish painting one nail. Ugh!
I did wear the pink lip gloss. It's just OK.

Look #1 done with these eyeshadows.
Pink, purple, blue, and green.

Look #2 done with these eyeshadows.
Aqua, blue, black, and silver.

Truth be told, not the greatest makeup ever. But of course, that's a given for the $7.49 price tag. But I will say that I am not at all disappointed. I would have readily paid the money for just the eyeshadows alone. They are wonderful. I did my Easter look (which you can see HERE) with these eyeshadows as well.

I am just really into palettes lately so when I saw this, tell me, how could I say no.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ I bought this with my own money. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. I've never seen those? That would be a great starter kit!

  2. Yeah, I had never heard of this brand before either. Maybe they are the kind to only come out for the holidays as gifts. Either way, I'm glad I got it. And yes, it would make a great starter kit. I like it a lot. Except the nail polish, they really, really stink!

  3. wow your really pretty and your make up is Fab x

  4. Hey, lolita! Thank you so much for the compliment. That was so sweet of you. I'll check out your blog ASAP. Thanks :)


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