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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Haul: FaceCandyCouture

On April 4, 2011, I placed my very first order on Etsy. I saw @ShantleShipp on Twitter tweet a sale she was having on her cosmetics on Etsy.

$10 for 10-3 gram jars Pure & Natural Organic Mineral Eyeshadow Grab Bag.

$10 for 10 is not bad at all!! Even though it was a grab bag and you couldn't pick the colors you wanted, that was OK with me. More of a surprise! I was excited to get these eyeshadows in. And I was amazed to see them in my mailbox this afternoon. That was fast shipping. I ordered Monday the 4th and I received them on Thursday the 7th.

So because I was thrilled to have these in my possession, I had to blog really quick about them and just show you what I got.

Yay! My goodies are here!

5-3 gram jars per ziplock baggie.

1st batch.

Very pretty.
The colors are more warm.
Remind me of fall.

2nd batch.

Colors are brighter, lighter.
These remind me of summer/spring.

Sticker on the lid.

Business card.

Business card. (Back)

I did forget to take a picture of the actual invoice. Ms. Shantle hand wrote a thank you note. So sweet of her. It said, "Thank you so kindly for your business. We hope you enjoy your mineral shadows. Warm Regards, Shantle."

I will post swatches soon. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. I love ETSY! Its one of my favorite online shops. Colors look great so far! Cant wait to see!

  2. You got some awesome colors!! I need to get some more too! I just might today =) and she did the same on my invoice too!

  3. @Cathy, this was my first Etsy buy and I'm loving it. I can see myself buying more from there. Sooo much good stuff to choose from! I will work on the swatch post as soon as I get a chance. XXOO :)

    @Priscilla, I was a little bit worried since it was a grab bag and I couldn't pick the colors but I really did like all the colors. I feel better knowing you highly recommend them. Isn't it sweet that she does that on the invoices? Very cool. XXOO :)


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