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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LFI: Easter Eyes

Yes, I know Easter was Sunday and it is now Tuesday and I am just posting my Easter Eye makeup look. Sorry for the delay but you know how hectic holidays can be.

Any how, this is the look that I did for Easter Sunday. It had to be fun and colorful...very spring-y! I did get told that my eyes looked like Easter eggs. So, I guess, mission accomplished.

I did this look using an eyeshadow palette that I got at Walgreen's a couple of weeks ago. I meant to blog about it that day because I was so excited about it but, of course, I didn't. I'm such a slacker.

But I will get around to it. I promise.

And here is my Easter egg looking eyes:

"Wow, your eyes look like Easter eggs!"

I did a double eye liner on this one.
Black closest to my lash line.
Green right above the black.

Yellow, orange, green, purple, and blue.
Pink along the lower lash line.

These are the colors I used from this palette...

...out of this gift set from Walgreen's.
Profusion Exclusive.

So, what did you Pretties think about this one? I know, it's not too creative. There are tons of this look floating around the blogosphere. But it's OK. This is the first time for me trying to create a pastel rainbow look. It turned out alright. I do need to work on it some more and perfect it!

Let me know if you want me to do a blog post on this Profusion Exclusive gift set. Maybe some swatches?

Well, I do hope that those of you who celebrate Easter had a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed a family filled day and it was so fun and exhausting all at the same time.

Luv & Luk,


  1. You have such gorgeous eyes! :) I really like how you did the eyeshadow too.

  2. Very colorful and pretty, does indeed remind me of Easter hun :)

  3. I love it! it's so colorful and very easter-ish. Awsome job =)

  4. That is so pretty. I love it!! :D

  5. Very pretty and very easter!!!

  6. I love it!! And you'll never guess what???? My hubby got me thats same set in Nov!! LOL =) I really love the colors in that palette =)

  7. Very pretty and it was perfect for easter! I like that eyeliner looks similar to one I have. Its a Mark Liquid Liner.

  8. @Emily, aw, you made me smile when I saw you said I had gorgeous eyes. Seriously! Thank you :)

    @TeaserhiMUA, thank you. I guess I did a good job. You said all the things I was hoping to hear :)

    @Wendy, LOL, yes it's Easter-ish! Thanks :)

    @G-Rizzle, thanks for stopping by and commenting! Means a lot to me :)

    @Miranda, thank you, sweetie. I must say, I did feel pretty on Easter :)

    @Priscilla, LOL, mine was on clearance for $7.49! I guess they were left overs from Christmas time! How funny. Well, he has good taste because the shadows are nice. I've only tried the eyeshadow but I love them. I got this set specifically for the shadows because I was dying to do a look like this! And thank you very much, doll :)

    @Amber, thank you, hun! I have a couple of Mark eyeliners but I always buy black LOL. My sister had a blue one, can't remember the name but it was super pretty. I think it's one of their regular line ones :)

    ♥♥Wow! I woke up to so many great comments this morning. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog and show me some love. I appreciate it so, so very much. XXOO♥♥


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