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Friday, June 24, 2011

Subbie Saturday: 6/25/11

How inconsistent am I?

It feels like ages since the last time I posted a Subbie Saturday...and I think I said that in my last Subbie Saturday post too.

Sorry! I swear I try. I do! I think I just picked the wrong day to do these posts. My Saturdays and Sundays are always so crazy. But no other day of the week meshed with "subbie"... I'm going to do my best to get these ready during the week, at least on Friday night.

Well, I was not going to let another Saturday go by without showcasing another blog. Well, this is not just any blog. This one is sort of special to me. I love all the blogs that I spotlight on Subbie Saturday but this one, it gives me a different feeling...

If you haven't yet, my Pretties, I'd like you to meet Huda Kaake of Huda's Beauty Blog!

Huda has got to be one of the sweetest beauty bloggers that I have come across. She has this sincere way about her, such a gentle demeanor. In her I have seen a very genuine character.

I love receiving comments on my blog posts and Huda is always one of the first. She has never posted anything but positive comments. Huda is very encouraging and complimentary. Some of her comments have made my day! She has made me feel beautiful. I can see Huda as a real person, a friend not just someone I chat with over the internet. She is a sweetheart.

Huda's Beauty Blog is filled with very helpful and honest reviews. She does some great makeup and has very good pictures to compliment her posts. She even lets you in on her real life through her 30 day photo challenge. It's a nice way to get to know her.

Huda is also a very talented artist. You can see some of her work in her blog post titled My Drawings.

Here are a few of her wonderful blog posts just from this month of June alone.

My First Attempt At A Pin Up Inspired Makeup Look
Wet n Wild's Cool As A Cucumber Trio...Not Cool
A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

I hope you lovelies take the time to go visit Huda's blog and meet her. She is such a doll and I wish her nothing but the best.

Luv & Luk,


  1. AWWW!! Thank you so much for all your kinds words. I actually got a little teary eyed reading what you had to say. You are definitely one of the sweetest people, and I really appreciate your support! I don't even know what else to say. Just...THANK YOU!! <3

  2. Awww! I love this post, it's so sweet. Huda really is awesome. I definitely agree with everything you said girl. She's not just another person on the internet, you just feel like you know her because there's something so genuine about her. Great post girl! I love it. :)

  3. Huda is awesome! So nice of you to mention her, she's great :)

  4. @Huda Kaake, no, thank you for being such a wonderful person and friend to me. I'm glad to hear that this small token of my friendship and admiration had such a good affect on you. I hope that this post brings you more subbies because I feel that you deserve them. I will always support you, sweetie. Thank you for being you! :) XXOO

    @frugalspender19, yes, she is wonderful, huh? I've seen your comments to each other and I see how you both get along beautifully. I think that everyone that knows here feels the same way. I just want everyone to meet her!

    @Vintage Makeup, thanks. Subbie Saturday is something I started a long while back I am just very inconsistent but I do plan on continuing this little tradition of mine. I just had to showcase Huda because she is, like you say, awesome! :)

  5. wow! sooo sweet! :) by the way im a new follower. i enjoyed reading your blog. :)

    visit my blog :)

  6. @♥neelai♥, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. And following!! I'll definitely stop by and visit your blog too :)


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