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Friday, February 7, 2014

30 Days of Beauty: Day 7

Hello, my Pretties!

Another day, another 30 day challenge entry.

Day 7: Skin Care

OK, I'm going to admit.  I don't take care of my skin as well as I should.  All I really do is wash it daily and that's about it.  I know I should try harder seeing as to how I'm 32 years old now and I am starting to see the sweet signs of aging already.

As you can see, I use a lot of Avon.  I sell Avon so that's why I have so much of it.  It's easier for me to place my customers orders and throw in a few hundred things for me haha.

Before anything, I use my Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion to remove my makeup.  I have used this eye makeup remover for years.  It works great just don't get it in your eyes!  Ouch!  I have two cleansers by Avon that I use.  I keep the small blue tube, Avon's Anew Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser, in my shower so I wash my face with that while I'm bathing.  The bigger silver tube, Avon's Solutions Cleanse Ageless Day and Night Cleanser, I keep by my sink.  I usually shower at night so I use the Anew Rejuvenate at night and the Solutions Cleanse in the morning after I brush my teeth.

I use the Avon Solutions Banishing Cream Skin Discoloration Improver as a moisturizer after I cleanse my face.  And when I have a pimple, I use the Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Spot Treatment.

The only thing that I use that isn't Avon, at the moment, is my eye cream.  I am using Olay Age Defying Eye Cream but it's almost gone.  (I do have an Avon eye cream waiting in the wings, of course, haha.)  I am terrible at applying eye cream.  I always forget!  And it's the one thing that I need the most.  My eyelids are all wrinkly!  My science teacher in high school, freshman year, would always tell us girls not to wear makeup because we were going to wrinkle before out time.  I'm starting to think she was right!

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