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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

30 Days of Beauty: Day 4

Hello, my Pretties!

Day 4: Hair Style

I have no style let alone HAIR style.  Haha.  My hair is naturally curly and unruly and frizzy so I find it easiest to tame it by wrapping my hair up in a bun.  But sometimes, I actually take the time to flat iron my hair as damaging and bad as it is for my hair.

So this is how I wore my hair today.

Yeah nothing to fancy.  It's always just so much easier for me to put my hair up.  I did wear my hair like this to work.  I always wear my hair pulled back somehow for work.  It's just more comfortable so I don't have to constantly be brushing hair away from my face.  I'm practical above all else.

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