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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Avon: True Color Eyeshadow Quad: Go Natural

Hello, my Pretties!
Alas, Avon has decided to jump on the nude bandwagon!  Hee hee.  We all know that thanks to Urban Decay and their majorly successful Naked palettes, neutral shadows are all the rage these days.
I must admit, even I, a colorful-kind-of-makeup-girl, have been converted.
That's why when I saw that Avon was launching four new nude quads, I just had to grab one up.  Avon's True Color Eyeshadow Quads has a new collection called The Perfect Nudes Collection.  Avon's claim is, "from fair to deep, there's a perfect nude just for you!"
There are six quads in The Perfect Nudes Collection.  Two are existing shades, four are new.  In this collection you will have:
Stone Taupes for fair skin.
★Naked Truth for light skin.
★Barely There for light/medium skin.
Chocolate Sensation for medium skin.
★Go Natural for medium/deep skin.
★Grin & Bare It for deep skin.
(★ New shades.)
I picked out Go Natural.
The texture is silky smooth on all shadows for the exception of the #3 shade.  That one felt a little more on the gritty side.
The eyeshadow pans are embossed with numbers 1-4 to show you where in your eye to apply them.  The map is on the bottom of the palette.  But of course, you can apply them any way you please.
In the photo I included, I swatched each of the shadows on the inside of my wrist over bare skin.  No base.  No primer.  No foundation.  Right off the bat, I think the pigmentation is A+!
In my opinion, the shadows applied easily and smoothly and they blended well.  I did not have any fading throughout the day but I did apply the Avon Eyeshadow Primer on my eyelids before applying the shadows.
These eyeshadow quads sell for $7.00 but you can get them on sale often for only $5.99.  Visit my online Avon eStore at  And check out my Avon Facebook Page at

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  1. These are so pretty and the colors smooth, thanks for sharing.


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