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Sunday, February 2, 2014

30 Days of Beauty: Day 1

Hello, my Pretties!

While browsing my Facebook timeline, I saw this makeup challenge.  But I can't remember who posted it so whoever did, thanks for sharing!

I know February only has 28 days but that's alright.  I still decided on doing the challenge because it seemed fun.  I might do all 30 or I might just end up doing it for February so that it will total 28 posts.  Knowing me, I'll end up missing a day or two... or three...

Day 1: Favorite Lipstick

I picked a lipstick that I reach for quite often.  I have a lot of lipsticks so the fact that this one has a nice rounded tip and no longer that "brand new lipstick slanted tip" means I have gotten a lot of wear out of this lippie.  In my opinion it is the perfect everyday shade.  It's a very wearable pink shade that can be used day or night.

My favorite lipstick is Avon's Totally Kissable Lipstick in Mauve Allure.

This puppy glides on like a balm but has incredible color payoff.  It feels so creamy and comfortable on the lips.  Very moisturizing and smells good too.

I love this lipstick!

...I should have bought a backup. 
Luv & Luk,


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