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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update: Project 5 Pan

Oh, my goodness, I totally forgot to update you on my venture into Project 5 Pan. I guess subconsciously I was trying to avoid talking about it...

I started my Project 5 Pan on February 1, 2011. I picked out 5 items that I've had for a really, really long time and just wanted to finish them already. The rules I had set up for myself were plain and simple. I could not buy a single makeup item until all 5 items I chose were finished. Completely. Not just "hit pan" but to where it was all pan. I knew that would be hard but I had to do something because I have way, way, way too much makeup.

Trying to be smart, I chose 5 makeup items that I could use all at once to try and finish them faster. Did it work? Well, yes and no. I chose a powder foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a lip gloss. All neutral colors for an everyday wearable look.

It was working out fine. I finished one item, my powder foundation. But, on March 17, 2011, I ended my Project 5 Pan by placing an order for some mark. makeup. So...yup. I did 44 days of not buying makeup. That is the longest I have ever gone without buying makeup so I see that as a win! 44 days may not be a lot but 44 days of not buying makeup to a makeup addict is hell. Torture.

I do feel sad that I didn't accomplish what I set out to do. But like I said, I feel like 44 days is a small accomplishment all on its own. I came really close to finishing the blush and the lip gloss too. So, I'm still using up those products. I will finish them. Someday.

So, now I'm back to buying makeup once again. Alas, I feel like I can breathe! It's been fun picking up an eye shadow here and there. Now I will have more things to blog about. I hope. I did buy a lot of makeup before P5P that I was going to blog about while on the ban so I had some hauls to show. I didn't get to haul them all but I will post them soon as well as show some of the more recent items I have purchased.

If you are doing a Project (insert number here) Pan, keep at it! You can do it! Maybe I was weak in the end, but you can succeed. And if you don't, it's OK too. No need to feel failure. I do intend to try it again, for sure.

But, not any time soon!

Luv & Luk,

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