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Monday, March 21, 2011


Thanks to my wonderful beauty buddy, Cathy of My Pinktastic Life, I was tagged into doing a "What's in Your Purse" or a "What's in Your Makeup Bag" blog post. I had been wanting to do this for quite some time now. I had asked for everyone's opinion on Twitter whether or not I should do a "What's in My Purse" tag like the kind I see on YouTube. I do not have a YouTube channel so I didn't know if I could do the same tags on my blog. Everyone liked the idea and said I should do it. It was my blog, I could do with it what ever I wanted!

So, I did take some pictures of what was in my bag but I just never posted them. And now that Cathy came along, I am going to show you all what is in my purse. To be fair, I took these pics back February 24, 2011. And to be fair to Cathy, I think I will do a blog post on "What's in My Makeup Bag" next.

There is nothing too fun or crazy in my bag but this is what it usually looks like on an everyday basis.

This is my everyday bag. I love it!
My sister gave this to me for my Christmas gift.
It is from my favorite store, Charming Charlies.
It is big and roomy yet very light weight.
I love the big droopy bow in the front!

My purse is a very good size. I like big bags!
All of this fits in there.
And more!

This is my stuff.
My Hello Kitty wallet I got from Journey Kids.
My daughter, Madison's, coin purse.
My adorable lip coin purse I got from Target on clearance for $2!
My iPhone 3GS with a Juicy Couture cover.
I'm a dork. The iPhone is upside down!
And a giant Little Mermaid pen.

As for my personal items, this is all I have with me.
My CVS hand lotion. Love it.
2 EOS lip balms. Summer Fruit and Lemon Drop.
Lemon Drop is just about gone so I got the Summer Fruit one.
Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in White Citrus. Love it.
And the ELF clear glitter gloss is from Miss Cathy. Thank you!
And my Avon cuticle balm.

My purse also doubles as a diaper bag.
That's why I like my bags big!
I have to carry a diaper (usually Luvs) and wipies.
I have an array of hair ties and bows for my daughters' hair.
Got to have a lollipop to quiet the little one.
Got to have an activity pad to entertain the older one.
And I HAVE to carry snacks in the Tinkerbell bowl,
usually pretzels, Goldfish, Nilla Wafers...

And this is my bag once I fill it up with my daily things.
My cell phone is in the little pocket on the side to the right.
All my personal stuff (lips, hair, and hand stuff) is in the
zippered pocket off to the left.
That's it!

Finally, this blog post is up. Thanks to Cathy and her tag or else I probably would have never posted it.

Check out Cathy's post here: What's In My Makeup Bag

And so who do I tag... I tag all my fellow beauty buddies who carry a purse and something inside it!
Until next time, My Pretties!!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Thats a really cute purse :)
    I LOVE the wallet too super cute

  2. Thank you, Amber! I love my purse and everyone else loves my wallet. Everytime I take it out, I get a compliment. It is cute LOL :)


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