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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tag: The Handwritten Blog

I was not tagged into doing this but I did see this on a couple of blogs. I've been thinking about getting more into doing tags because they can be fun. So this one, is just for fun!

This is the Handwritten Tag.

1. What is your name? And your blog?
2. Blog URL.
3. Write: the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote.
5. Favorite song.
6. Favorite band/singers.
7. Say anything you want.
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers.

TAG!! You're it!
1. Kristen
2. Lais
3. Amber
4. Joann
5. Avi

Well, I hope you all liked this little tag. It was fun to do. And I would really like to see some of you do this one. It's nice to get to know each other :)

I saw this tag on Aquaheart's Obsessions. Take a look!

Luv & Luk,


  1. ah, your handwriting is so cute & neat!

  2. Aw, how sweet. Thanks! I love writing. Ever since I was a kid I loved to practice writing all kinds of words :)


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