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Monday, May 23, 2011

Swatches: Sally Girl Eyeshadow Singles

Last week I hit up a Sally's for the first time in a long time. The only reason I stopped by was because it was next door to a party supply store I had to take my sister to. I checked in for about 5 minutes and walked out with something.

I had seen these on another beauty blog and I was really excited to try them out. When I went to Sally's they were on sale: 6 for $5! Mix or match. Great deal! I am an eyeshadow girl so while they had mini lippies and mini nail polishes, all my chosen 6 were eyeshadows.

This is what I got:

Left to Right:
U208 Aqua, U337 Rose, & U358 Blue Marine

Swatches with flash, no base.
Left to Right:
Aqua, Rose, & Blue Marine

Left to Right:
V020 Auburn, V267 Glow Green, & V307 Electric Blue

Swatches with flash, no base.
Left to Right:
Auburn, Glow Green, & Electric Blue

Best part!
You can link all the eyeshadow singles and make
your own palettes!

All 6 eyeshadows for $5.00!
Great deal.
For my first time trying these out, I really do like them. My favorite shades are the Auburn and Glow Green. Especially Glow Green! Blue Marine has really pretty golden undertones to it. Aqua and Glow Green are matte. Rose, Blue Marine, Auburn are shimmery. Electric Blue has slight sparkles.

I had the intention of going back and getting another 6 for the same deal before time ran out but I forgot. Regular price is $0.99 a piece so that's still good. This sale was like buying 5 and getting 1 FREE.  Even for $0.99, I am still going to pick up some more. There was a fairly large selection of shades to choose from.

I'll let you, Pretties, know if I do pick up some more!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ I bought these with my own money. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. I am not sponsored by this company. ♥♥


  1. I havent tried these yet. Very cute packaging!

  2. I've never tried them but I think I might buy some,the price is very cheap but they seem really pigmented.

  3. I have never tried anything from Sallys brand. That green looks really super pigmented... very pretty!

  4. @Nicole, yes the packaging is great! I love how you can link them together. They'll never get lost. Or you can link the shades you are wearing that day and toss them in your makeup bag. I think it's handy little feature :)

    @Miss Tapia, this was my first time trying them as well and I think they are really nice. Perfect price and pretty pigmentation. I say try them!

    @Amber, the green is my most favorite one! I did a look using it with Auburn and Electric Blue and it turned out cute. Of course, I forgot to take pics so I'll have to recreate that look soon :)

  5. Those were my first set of color e/s and I loved them!!!! You're gonna have so much fun with them!!! Love you Fren =)

  6. Thats wonderful to know. That store is rather close to me and I'm in need of a little bit of a buffer for my make-up collection ^.^

  7. @Priscilla, hey, fren! XXOO. I'm loving these a lot! Super cute :) I have a Sally's about 5 minutes from my house and I never go. I don't know why! But I plan on heading back to get some more. Maybe try their lippies and polishes too.

    @Excerts From Hell, I recommend these! They are cute and work well. By the way, I sent you your prize on Friday morning so I hope you get it soon. Let me know when you do so I know it got there OK :)

  8. I had a few of these a long long time ago but they've changed since, I might give them another try. Thank you for the swatches, copper looks really pretty!

  9. @Neeyuh, I'm always behind everyone else. You had them along time ago, I just discovered them. I for one like them. And the copper color is super pretty. Try them out again and let me know if they are different from the first time you tried them :)

  10. The sally girl shadow are amazing .. great blog =] Check it out


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