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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOTD: Sexy Wealthy Queen

Or maybe I should change the FOTD to YFOTD for YESTERDAY'S face of the day! LOL. Yes, I always post my FOTDs (on the rare occasions that I do them) the day after I wore the look. Oops! It is a face of the day...but I'm not to clear what day...LOL.

Any how, this is the look:

Not very "queenly" in my hoodie.
The lighting was bad. Very cloudy outside.
Looked sooo much better in person.

All eyeshadow.
I didn't use an eyeliner.

I'm happy with my blending here.
I'm getting better :)

Love this lip color!

Face Ingredients:
Avon Solutions A.M. Total Radiance Day Cream
L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup in Creamy Beige
E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Honey
L.A. Colors Pressed Powder in Beige
Marimekko for Avon All-Over Face Palette in Poppy Bouquet
mark. Please Hold Eye Primer in Light to Medium
Face Candy Couture #54 Dare (inner corner)
Face Candy Couture #56 Cotton Candy (mid lid)
Face Candy Couture #113 Golden Moon (outer lid)
E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in Drama
(white as brow high light, black as eye liner)
Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Lip Gloss in Everlasting Petal
Revlon CustomEyes Mascara in Blackest Black

I did for get to include the E.L.F. Beauty Book Bright Eye Edition.
I used the purple shade as my crease color.
And there you have it, my Pretties. My Sexy Wealthy Queen look.

So, why the name you ask? Because of the colors I chose. To me, red is sexy. Red lips, red heels, a red dress. A woman in red knows she is sexy! When I hear the word "wealth" I automatically think of money. Monetary riches like bars of gold. And one of the oldest color associations known to man is that purple is the color of royalty. So there you go!

And I threw in a little bit of pink. While I am sexy, I am also sweet!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Very pretty,I really like the lip color!

  2. @Miss Tapia, yes, it's one of my faves! The color does last a long time too so that's always good :)

  3. I really like this look. Colorful but not too bold. I love the purples and golds... very royal. :)

  4. love it! it subtle colorful look and looks very pretty =)

  5. @G-Rizzle, thank you :) Yeah, I haven't tried a very bold look yet. I'm not sure how I would look. LOL. So this is a comfortable zone for me. I usually use purple with bronze, probably my fave look, but looks good with gold too :)

    @Wendy, thank you! I appreciate your kindness. I'm glad you liked it :)

  6. Great look and great job combining and blending those colors. You look gorgeous!

    Katie for Ouidad

  7. @Katie, thank you so much for the compliment. That means a lot to me :)

  8. This is really pretty I like the colors together. They all blend so well :) Great job as always <3

  9. @Amber, how funny because I would have never used red, gold, and purple together. Not me! But if you blend it out and keep it subtle enough, it looks nice. Much more wearable since it's not so bold. And thanks for the compliment :)

  10. wow great work..i have a similar pallet but never put it to any good use're inspiring me..\
    do visit me sometime and may be we can follow each other if you wish..

  11. @Hungover on Fashion, aww, thanks for the compliment. I did check out your blog and it's great. I followed you! Can't wait to see your new posts :) Do keep in touch. I'm glad I inspired you. You should do your version of this look on your blog. I'd love to see it :)


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