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Monday, May 2, 2011

Haul: Dollar Tree Part 2 with Swatches

So because I thought my first Dollar Tree haul from Saturday was a bust, I thought I'd check out another Dollar Tree and see what I could find.

I'm telling you, it was eating me up inside that I didn't find anything that I was all that excited about in my first Dollar Tree trip. Yeah, I'm like that.

I took off to another Dollar Tree with my girls and this is what I bought:

Dollar Tree Haul
Everything was $1.00!
Opened up so you can see the colors better.
I loved all of these colors!

E.L.F. Studio Single Eyeshadow
0.097 oz/2.75g

Butter Cream on left. Light golden yellow with shimmer.
Wild Wheat on right. Very light neutral with shimmer.

E.L.F. Studio Single Eyeshadow
0.097 oz/2.75g

Saddle on left. Shimmery dark brown with red undertones.
Pebble on right. Light brown, slightly gray without shimmer.

L.A. Colors Blush
0.13 oz/3.8g

BSB331 Peach Rose on left. Shimmery peach shade.
BSB335 Berry Plum on right. Mid-tone mauve shade with slight shimmer.

Swatches with flash. Left to right:
Butter Cream, Wild Wheat, Saddle, Pebble,
Peach Rose, and Berry Plum.

Swatches without flash. Left to right:
Butter Cream, Wild Wheat, Saddle, Pebble,
Peach Rose, and Berry Plum.

I redeemed myself! So in love with all of these products I bought during my second trip to a different Dollar Tree. I feel so vindicated now. Much, more happier now!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ I bought these products with my own money. These are my honest thoughts and opinions. ♥♥


  1. OOH Awesome think my Dollar Tree is slackin they havent really stocked up . I see your collection is growing wahaa that room we need all to ourselves may need to come a lot sooner wahaaa. Love the Post !

  2. LOL, my Dollar Tree has been disappointing lately too. And yes, my collection is growing! I'm getting worse, I buy things just to buy them! Ahhh!! No bueno! LOL. Good thing the stuff I buy is cheap. Imagine if I went for high end stuff?? Really no bueno! I WISH I HAD MY ROOM ALREADY!! :)

  3. You got so much stuff!! They're all pretty colors too.

  4. @Miss Tapia, yeah, I tend to go a little crazy at the Dollar Tree. I mean, everything is $1! LOL. I couldn't pass up the E.L.F. shadows. $3 on the website plus shipping or $1?? LOL, you know what I mean. And I did like the colors. Very neutral :)

  5. I think we could do some shopping together hehe, from the Dollar Tree Hauls to your newest ELF haul hehhe we love our makeup ;)

    Let me know about the ELF lip and eyeshadow combo palettes you bought.I didnt buy either of them,but if I must have it I must heheh

    Talk soon!

  6. @Mrs.Makeup, LOL, a makeup shopping buddy would be so much fun! It's usually me and my little girls :) And yes, I'll let you know what I think of the eye/lip combo palettes. I'll try and do a blog post showing some swatches, OK. Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. which dollar tree do you go to?!....mine doesnt have any elf products! >:(

  8. @sweetTEA, I used to go to the one real close to where I lived in McAllen. Now I moved to another city so I haven't been to the one here yet. I guess they all vary. I've seen some posts with really cool looking L.A. Colors eyeshadows and when I go, I never find them!


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