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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Swatches: E.L.F. Nail Polish Collection

As part of my Mother's Day gift, I got a ton of E.L.F. products from my boyfriend and among those goodies, he gave me a 5 piece E.L.F. Nail Polish Collection. I have never tried any of the E.L.F. nail polishes before so this was really exciting to receive.

I've been wanting to swatch them for you since I got them but my nails and cuticles are in horrible shape. I have cuticle balms and creams to use but my problem is that I am not consistent. I am not regular with it and so I never really see a difference. I'll try harder. I promise! I hate to have to show you Pretties my raggedy nails every time I want to show off some nail polish.

So in advance, I am sorry!

I must say, as soon as I opened the package, I fell in love with these colors:
Left to Right:
Blue Mist, Lilac, Mango Madness, Fuchsia, and Purple Pleaser.

1 coat.
Sorry for the upside down picture.
Once again, Blogger is uncooperative.
2 coats.

I love the packaging of these nail polishes. Very simple. I like minimal packaging. I loved the way the colors looked in the bottle. My mind changed once applied.

For one, I did not like the Blue Mist at all!! NO NO NO! Very streaky!! Ugh. Even after 2 coats, you can see in the pic how streaky it still looks. Not cool.

All the nail polishes were very thin, almost watery. But, they all covered my nails very well after 2 coats except for the Blue Mist. Even the Lilac which is very light covered my nail after 2 coats.

The colors are OK. My favorite is the Lilac. I love this color. I have a feeling I will be using this one more than the others. The shade is so sweet and delicate. Very feminine.

E.L.F. claims that it is a quick dry formula but I don't think so. It took just as long as my other non-quick dry formula nail polishes to dry.

All in all, not bad for $5.00 for the whole collection. I did like 4/5 of them so that's not bad. I do plan on using these polishes on a regular basis. You do have to admit, they are pretty pigmented after a couple of coats.

Check out G-Rizzle's blog post on this very collection HERE. Read her thoughts about this and check out her swatches.

There you go, my Pretties. Let me know if you all have tried these or any E.L.F. nail polishes and what you thought of them.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ This collection was given to me by my boyfriend. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. i think all the colours looks great on you~~~

  2. Very pretty colors. I've been wanting to get that set too.

  3. I have not tried any ELF products but I do hope to in the future :) And I must admit that there are a couple in there I do like

  4. all the colors are pretty :) I am glad you decided to swatch them.

  5. @Jessy, thanks! I did like these polishes but my fave is Lilac. I don't know why. Maybe because I don't have anything like this in my collection already :)

    @ Miss Tapia, well for the price I do recommend you get them. As long as you let the polish fully dry and apply another coat, they're really not that bad :)

    @Excerpts From Hell, try E.L.F.! I love the stuff. Some things are hit and miss but I love most of it and the prices can't be beat :)

    @Amber, I'm happy I finally decided to swatch them too! I have a few other Wet n Wild nail polishes to swatch but I'm so self conscious of my hands. I have old lady hands LOL :)


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