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Friday, May 20, 2011

Swatches: Avon Healthy Makeup Lip Cream SPF 15

On Tuesday I received my Avon order and I was excited to try out these new lip creams that they introduced in their Healthy Makeup line.

The lip creams are in the same tube as lip gloss and have the same doe foot applicator. What makes them a lip cream? I believe it's because it's like melted lipstick. It's thicker and creamier than a gloss.

I bought 3 different colors.
Avon Healthy Makeup Lip Cream SPF 15
.25 oz. net. wt.
Regular Brochure Price: $9.00 each

Left to Right:
Peachy Cream, Berry Pretty, and Merlot

Swatches with flash.
Left to Right:
Peachy Cream, Berry Pretty, and Merlot

Peachy Cream

Berry Pretty

All the swatches were taken with flash. All swatches show the color after one application. I pulled out the wand and applied. I did not dip the wand again and apply a second coat but I think that the color can be built up and given a more intense hue.

The lip cream feels so creamy! Very moisturizing to my lips. Feels very smooth. Non sticky which is so great. They do smell but it's a really pleasant fruity smell. I can't quite put a name on it but I like it.

I am really liking these lip creams. I have already used all 3 shades since Tuesday. For now, the Peachy Cream shade is my go to shade because it is so light and neutral. Perfect everyday shade.

Do you, Pretties, like these? Anyone tried these yet?

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ I am an Independent Avon Sales Representative. I did buy these with my own money. I am not sponsored by Avon. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. i luv berry pretty~~~it is oh so pretty on you~~~


  2. @Jessy, thank you! That makes me feel good :) I always stay away from pink LOL. Never think it looks good on me. But I've seen so many girls wearing pink nowadays, I got inspired to do the same! Thanks so much for the comment. XXOO.

  3. The pigment looks pretty good.

  4. Berry Pretty looks gorgeous!

  5. Ohhh Berry and Merlot are pretty!! I haven't used Avon in years! To order Avon do you have to go through a representative or can you order online? I'd love to check out some of their stuff!!!

  6. They are all pretty. Merlot looks great on you!

  7. @Jennifer, yeah, I was surprised with the pigmentation. Very good. It's more like a lipstick than a gloss :)

    @GABY, Berry Pretty is very pretty. I was hesitant about this one when I removed the wrapper and saw how pink it was! But I like it :)

    @Kassandra, I've used Avon since I was like 12 when my mom used to sell it. I've been using Avon for like 16 years! Woah! LOL. Yeah you can order online at :)

    @Rai, hey! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! So nice of you :) I think these are nice. Feel very good on the lips :)

    @Amber, I tried to get a little bit of everything, a peach, a pink, and a red. All I'm missing is the brown shade! Thanks for the compliment, my friend :)

  8. Loving Berry Pretty They look Amazing love the Post !

  9. @Cathy, thanks buddy. I knew you'd love the pink one!

  10. Love and own the orange one. Sadly mine broke. Need to grab a new one. Love the creamy texture.

  11. @G-Rizzle, oh no! Get another one! LOL. It's so good. The creamy texture is perfect :)

  12. oooh I love Berry Pretty, It's a super cute yet sexay color :)( Berrry nice :D

  13. @Chelly, thank you! I was the most hesitant about Berry Pretty and I think it has become my favorite. Most of the girlies liked this one the most too :)

  14. Hi, I was wondering if I could use a few of your pictures for comparison and quote your opinion for a listing? TIA


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