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Monday, May 30, 2011

Haul: E.L.F.

We all know I love E.L.F. and we all know that E.L.F. usually has some really great deals on top of their already low LOW prices.

I have already received an email from E.L.F. twice about getting 10 of their mineral eyeshadows FREE with a $25.00 purchase. I don't know why, but I never did take advantage of this sale. I have always wanted to try the mineral shadows but I guess I'd just forget about it and the coupon would expire.

Well, thanks to my friend, Lais, at Chica Bloggerista, who reminded me via Twitter that E.L.F. had the promotion again (and gave me the coupon code) I finally placed my order online.

I placed my order on May 19th and it shipped out on May 20th. It arrived at my home on May 27th but I was picking up my daughter from school so I was not there to receive it. The mailman did not leave it behind so I had to pick it up at the post office on Saturday, May 28th.

I was super excited, let me tell you. Here is what I got:
32 Piece Eyeshadow Collection
Net Wt. 1.1 oz/32g
100 Eyeshadow Palette
Net Wt. 3.7 oz/110g

Left to Right:
Natural Radiance Blusher
2301 Shy, 2302 Glow, 2303 Coy
0.7 oz./2.0g
$1.00 each

Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
Blushed and Bronzed
.28 oz./8g

Left to Right:
7701 Fantasy, 7703 Seductive
0.12 oz./3.5g
$1.00 each

Left to Right:
7704 Gypsy, 7708 Charming
0.12 oz./3.5g
$1.00 each

Mineral Eyeshadow
Natural Mineral Makeup
Net Wt. 0.03 oz
$3.00 each
(Mine were FREE with $25 purchase with coupon code)

Left to Right:
Angelic, Flirty, Beachy, Glamorous.

Left to Right:
Golden, Confident, Socialite, Celebrity, Sassy.

Outside of the mineral eyeshadow container.

Inside of the mineral eyeshadow container.
Peel of tape to reveal a sifter top.

I only showed you 9 mineral eyeshadows because there was a mistake.
I ordered 1 x Outdoorsy and 1 x Flirty.
I got 2 x Flirty and 0 x Outdoorsy even though the invoice was correct.
I gave the extra Flirty to my sister.
Over all, I am really happy that I hauled this. I love every single one of the mineral eyeshadows as of right now. I have yet to swatch them but the way they look in the container are impressive. Super shimmery. They do carry matte ones but I am not a fan of matte shadows so much. I am just upset that I didn't receive my Outdoorsy mineral shadow. That is one of their new colors. Sad.

I had been after the 100 palette since they released it and now I can rest in peace since I finally have one.

I have only one repurchase here which is the blusher in Coy. That was my first E.L.F. blusher and I fell in love at first use. Perfect color for me. But I dropped it and it shattered into oblivion. I had to buy another.

And another must buy for me was the blush and bronzer duo. I have seen rave reviews on this and on so many YouTube vids and blogs that I just had to have it.

This was a very picture heavy blog post so swatches are still to come! Yay, something to look forward to.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ Everything in this post was purchased with my own money. I am not sponsored by this company. ♥♥


  1. ilike elf products, but their studio line is the best and their mineral lipsticks~~~


  2. @Jessy, I just saw your review on the pink diamond circle lenses! Looking good :) Yeah, I've always liked ELF but just got into their studio line. I have yet to try the mineral lipsticks but I've heard great things about them. Next time!

  3. wow, you got some really nice elf stuff! I haven't ordered from them in awhile and I think you've inspired me LOL. Can't wait for the swatches and I'm really interested to hear what you think of the Natural Radiance blushers :)

  4. You get the best stuff. I think I may be

  5. Great haul! I would love to hear a full review on your palette! I am a big fan of e.l.f mineral shadows. They are great quality I would compare them to Bare Escentuals shadows!

  6. @Joann, LOL, good I'm glad I've inspired you! Just don't go broke buying a bunch of stuff :) I'm working on the swatches now. So much stuff to swatch! I've used the Coy blusher before and loved it but just by swatching, I think I've found a new fave!

    @Miss Tapia, LOL, that's so funny you say that! That's the same way I feel when I see other people's blogs or YT haul videos!

    @Amber, I'm so excited about the palette!! This is my first time trying the mineral shadows and just by swatching them, I am IN LOVE!! Super gorgeous! I've never tried the BE shadows before but my sister just gave me 2 yesterday so good for me so now I can compare :)

  7. Hey girlie! I love ELF too,I was just at my Target this weekend and they had some of their $5 spring/summer collection stuff on sale for $3.48 I bought the Little Black Beauty Book its nice.

    I love the Studio Line and I have 4 of the Mineral lipsticks and I have multiples of them hehe. I am also a big fan of Essentials line too! Thanks for the post I always love seeing what goodies people are buying and why they love it :)

    Talk soon!

  8. @Mrs.Makeup, yeah, my sis told me about the Target ELF sale. She didn't buy anything but she always tells me because she knows I will! LOL. But I think I already had what they put on clearance. But of course, I bought them at full price :( I usually buy the Essentials line but now I'm getting into the Studio line. And now I really want to try out the mineral lipsticks since I fell in love with the mineral shadows! Thanks for commenting, I love it! Take care, hun.


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