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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Subbie Saturday 5/07/011

While I was thinking about which blog I wanted to showcase in this week's Subbie Saturday, I realized something oh so very important to me.

I have failed to tell you all about one of my favorite blogs. I think what happened was that I had the intention of showing off her blog and then I fell in my rut when I didn't post anymore Subbie Saturdays so I never got to spotlight hers.

Well, now I'm back and I will no longer neglect her blog!

So, my Pretties, meet Amber of Lipgloss and Flipflops!

Miss Amber is a sweetheart. She always comments on my blog posts which I think is so nice to take the time to do so. Thanks, Amber!

Her blog has some really great makeup looks you can try out for yourselves. Also, Amber does hauls, monthly favorites, and reviews. The pictures on her blog are really great quality which help to see the colors better and can help you make the decision if it would be something you would like to buy. Great swatches!  Same goes for her reviews. I find her to be honest. If she likes something, she tells you why. If she doesn't like something, she tells you why but in a subdued manner. She's friendly and professional. She doesn't get all ugly about it :)

Check out some of Amber's blog posts and see what I'm talking about:

Concrete Minerals: Looks
Victorias Secret Limited Edition Baked Mineral Shadow Quad
Yes to Carrots Haul and Experience
FOTD: 3 Pretty Addictions Looks!

Now, let me just apologize to Amber. I'm sorry that it took me so long to showcase your blog. You are very deserving of more subbies and I hope that you do get them. Keep up the great work and continue to put out a fun blog. I love it!

OK, my Pretties, until next Saturday! Enjoy Amber's blog :)

Luv & Luk,


  1. Aww thank you so much hunny! Your so sweet to say all those kind things :) I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog that makes my day lol! No need to apologize at all <3 <3

  2. @Amber, you are most welcome, my dear :) XXOO


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