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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Empties: November 2011

Hello, my Pretties!

I don't usually do back to back posts but today is an exception.  It's the last day of the month and my last day to do this empties post for the month of November.  And it just so happened to fall on a Wednesday.  Pink Wednesday.

OK, let's get this show on the road!

November 2011 Empties

Vaseline Intensive Rescue
Repairing Moisture
Fragrance Free Lotion
Love this stuff.  It's a basic white cream.  No scent what's so ever.  And it's hypoallergenic.  It claims to "accelerate the healing of dry skin with an effective, non-greasy formula."  I believe that is exactly what it does.  I have very dry skin and this helps me feel moisturized and so soft.  I'd slather this on after a shower and I was soft until the very next day.  I like lotions with a scent better but this one works well so I would repurchase this again.
Softsoap Cherry Blossom
& Wild Bamboo
Moisturizing Body Wash
Moisturizing?  Really?  I don't think so.  I bought this because I love the smell of cherries.  This did not smell like cherries.  It smelled like a cheap cherry candy.  Not good.  I will say that this lathers up beautifully and a little goes a long way but I'm looking for moisture here and I didn't get it with this body wash.  I used up the bottle because I didn't want to throw it away but I will not be repurchasing this again.  Ever. 
Heat Tamer Spray
OK, now this I would repurchase.  First off, I like how this smells.  I like the pump that it comes equipped with.  It makes for a light mist of product all over my hair.  I have severely curly hair and I'd use this when I would straighten my hair.  I'd wash my hair and while it was damp, I'd mist this all over my hair.  Then I'd proceed to straighten it.  After straightening my hair, it was so soft.  I love that feeling of running my hands through my hair.  After using this product, my hair was soft, shiny, less frizzy and smelled wonderful.  Really good stuff.
Up & Up Multipurpose Solution
No-rub Formula
I bought this one night at Target when I was low on funds but needed some solution for my contact lenses.  Anyone who uses contact lenses knows that the solution can be pricey for name brands like Baush & Lomb, ReNu, Opti-Free, or Boston Advance.  This one here was only two dollars and change.  Not bad at all.  And in my eyes, I didn't see a difference.  It worked just as well at cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing my soft contact lenses as its other name brand counterparts.  This, I would also repurchase.
Bath & Body Works
Signature Collection
Into the Wild Body Lotion
Ooh, child, now this smells good.  It does not state on this mini bottle what it's supposed to smell like and I can't for the life of me describe scents but this smells so good to me.  It's a body lotion infused with Vitamin E, jojoba, and shea butter.  All wonderful things to put into our skin.  I have always loved B&BW's body lotions.  They leave my skin feeling so smooth and smelling wonderfully.  I'm not sure if this one is still available but this is one body lotion I wouldn't mind buying again.
Aquafresh Triple Proctecion
Anti-Cavity Fluoride Toothpaste
I cannot even look at this photo.  I did not like this at all.  Sorry, but I did not.  I did not like the way it didn't freshen my breath.  I love to brush my teeth and feel that cool minty freshness most toothpastes leave behind. This one did no such thing.  I felt like I didn't even brush my teeth!  It didn't even taste good while I was brushing them.  But again, I finished the tube because I didn't want to throw it away.  I'll stick to my regular toothpaste.  Not going to buy this again.  No sir.
Avon Solutions Total Radiance
Day Cream/Night Cream Duo
Aw, I'm so sad that I finished this.  This was supposed to be a two week trial size containing day cream with SPF 15 and a night cream.  This lasted me well over two weeks.  Before putting on my makeup, I would apply the day cream.  My skin was so soft and moisturized when using this product.  It would help the makeup application go on smoother and look more even.  At night after my shower, I'd apply the night cream.  In the morning, my skin was very soft.  I know Avon still carries these two but separately.  I don't think they offer this trial size anymore.  I do believe this product is worth paying the full price for the regular size.  I plan on buying this again.
EOS Lip Balm in Lemon Drop
Yes, I know everyone loves EOS lip balms.  Me, uh, I'm on the fence about this one.  I love the packaging.  It's so cute and different.  The packaging gets me every time.  But the product itself, I'm just "eh" about it.  Nothing wow, nothing horrible.  At first it was very moisturizing for my lips but then it's like they would peel more.  I don't know.  The flavor is OK.  Not my favorite.  I had also tried the Summer Fruit one which I liked better but was even more drying on my lips.  I don't have that one to show you, my daughter ate it.  I might consider purchasing another one of these but in a different flavor.  I've only had two of these, Lemon Drop and Summer Fruit and the Lemon Drop was way more moisturizing than the Summer Fruit.  I don't know why.  What flavor do you recommend I buy?

Well, my dears, that's this months empties.  Yay!  Now I can toss these in the trash, finally.

Luv & Luk,


  1. You did a very good job on your empties I dont think I could do this.
    I like that TRESemme
    Heat Tamer Spray as well.

  2. @Hunter87, I really like doing these kind of empties posts because it really makes me try harder to finish a product. I've had stuff in drawers that I forgot were there and I started taking them all out and working at finishing them up before I buy other stuff. It's been helping me declutter my stash :)

  3. Can't believe you made it the end of that EOS lip balm! That's amazing, I've been working on mine for what seems like forever now lol. I think I'm gonna do Empties each month too, makes me get through the product I have faster (hopefully) haha :P

  4. @Joann, hun, I've had that lip balm since like spring! LOL. And I forced myself to finish it. I think that having empties post does help you finish it faster. I make myself use them a lot more just to get rid of it. LOL. Try it :) I'd love to see your empties :)


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