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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday: October 26, 2011 (Late Post)

Hello, my Pretties!

I know, I'm late with my Pink Wednesday post since today is Thursday.

I was up polishing my nails last night at 11:30 so I didn't get a chance to take pics and post before Wednesday was over. Sorry! But I swear I did have them done last night. I posted a pic on Instagram just to show you that I did do my Pink Wednesday look. That counts, right?

And now, here is this week's pink polish. I had meant to do a Breast Cancer Awareness post since October 1st but you know how it can be. Life gets in the way of everything you ever planned on doing. So, again, I'm sorry for not posting a Breast Cancer Awareness look sooner.

Pink Polish:
N.Y.C. Long-Wearing Nail Enamel in 109A Pink Promenade Creme
Essie Nail Polish in 475 Castaway
(no flash)

I've had this N.Y.C. nail polish for the longest time and was really excited when I found it in my stash. A new pink polish to use for my Pink Wednesday. I'm starting to run low on pinks, here.

Pink Promenade Creme is a very bright, hot pink. It's a very fun color. It's almost so bright that it looks slightly red. It is a creme finish and is very glossy.

Pink Polish:
N.Y.C. Long-Wearing Nail Enamel in 109A Pink Promenade Creme
Essie Nail Polish in 475 Castaway
(with flash)

The Essie nail polish was a gift from MyBeautyRate and I love it! Love, love it! She was getting rid of some nail polishes that she wasn't using anymore so she was kind enough to share them with me. I'll do a separate post on that, though, so stay tuned!

Castaway is a mix of cotton candy pink and Barbie pink. It's so girlie. It's cute. It is a very true to pink PINK. This also is a creme finish with high gloss.

With flash.

As you have seen from my previous nail art posts, I'm not that good. I kept this one super duper simple and just did the pink ribbon on my ring finger as my accent nail. After I did both hands, I looked at the final product and I thought, "Maybe I should have done Pink Promenade Creme as the base color and Castaway as the ribbon accent color." You know, most pink ribbons designated for breast cancer are light pink. Aren't they?

Without flash.

Well, anyway, that's all she wrote. 

I didn't even want to do a nail post because I was so depressed that I had to cut my nails. They were finally growing and were looking good. One nail on my left hand broke on Monday and then one broke on my right hand on Tuesday so on Wednesday, I just cut them all! I hate having uneven nails. Oh well. Time to start all over.

Luv & Luk,

I just wanted to say that if anyone of you out there is suffering from breast cancer or knows someone who is, I am truly sorry. I wish that there was no such thing as breast cancer. As women, we need to support each other and help each other. While my words are just plain words, I hope that it might bring one of you out there some comfort knowing that there is someone in this world who is rooting for you. God bless.


  1. Love it!
    And those pinks are great!

  2. That is adorable! :) I could never do my nails look so nicely!

  3. @Wendy, thank you. I really like these pinks too. I was never much of a pink polish person until I started doing Pink Wednesdays and now I'm a fan!

    @Vintage Makeup, thanks. You are too kind. I'm not that great at doing my nails but I'm still practicing. That's all it takes, or so I'm told! LOL, keep at it :)

    @Hunter87, me too! I'm really loving the Essie light pink. It's way to pink for something I would pick out normally but I really like it.


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