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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finger Painting: Lime

Hello, my Pretties!

It's time for another (finally) Finger Painting post! I haven't done one in a long time. I usually only have time to polish my nails once a week and I usually use that to do them pink for my Pink Wednesday's post. But this weekend I squeezed in a non-pink hue.

Check out my green thumb!

NYX Nails 

One of my three NYX nail polishes. I need to get me some more!

Such a pretty lime color.

NYX Nail Polish in Lime

PERFECT name! I don't think there is any other name that this nail polish could be called. Lime is what it looks like to me. A nice juicy ripe lime. Hmm, now I'm craving a limeade.


I personally don't check the ingredients to my nail polishes but I know that  a lot of you do. I might just start posting the ingredients to my nail polishes in my Finger Painting and Pink Wednesday posts.

After one coat.

After one coat, I was so not impressed. It was fairly sheer. While the formula was nice, not to thick and not too thin, it applied smoothly but not evenly.

After two coats, not much changed. There were still uneven blotchy looking parts but I knew that a 3rd coat would do the trick. I really do not like having to do a 3rd coat. For me, 2 is my max.

In the bottle. No flash.

After 3 coats.

Perfect even color.

In bottle. With flash.

I was iffy of this polish...

but it's so bright, how can I not love it?

I have to say that my sweet-tart was the one who wanted me to polish my nails this color. I gave him all 3 of my NYX polishes to choose from and this is what he chose. And I like it! Thank you, honey! Muah!

My final thoughts on this polish...IT'S A KEEPER! Despite having to apply 3 coats which I think is one too many, I love the final results. The color is bold and its shiny. It has a very uniform appearance after the 3 coats. And just so you know, the swatches of the nail polish with the flash is closer to the color as it is on my nails in real life. The no flash photos don't do it justice.

Thanks for stopping by, my dears.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All items mentioned in this blog post were purchased by me with my own money. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. I actually really like this color a lot, especially after the 3rd coat. I hate having to apply 3 coats or even 2 coats lol. But it made such a difference in the color.


  2. I think I have a color very similar to this by SinfulColors.
    Very pretty color on you!

  3. I never knew NYX had nail polishes... am I dumb or what LOL?! What an interesting shade!

  4. This looks really pretty on your nails! I dont have a lime color in my collection :)

  5. @Kelly, I hate doing 3 coats! LOL. Most of my polishes take 2 coats so I'm used to that but 3?? Ugh. But yes, it made all the difference in the color and it was worth it because I do like it :)

    @Hunter87, really? Cool. I don't have any Sinful Colors. Well...maybe 1?? I don't know if I still have it but if I do, it's years old! LOL. I always miss out on the awesome sales Walgreen's has on them once in a while for 99 cents! Next time for sure!

    @G A B Y, LOL, no you're not dumb! I didn't know either. I'm new to NYX so I didn't know they had a lot of things but it's becoming my favorite brand! I have 2 other NYX polishes that I'll share with you all later :) In the mean time, go buy some NYX polishes!

    @Christine, thank you! I believe this is the 2nd lime green one I have. The other is Limelight by Ulta. Aw, I should have done a comparison swatch! LOL, I forgot I had the Ulta one. Now thinking about it, I think the colors are very similar :)

  6. I'm the same, I don't like applying three coats of any polish, but if there is a great end result I will do it anyway! LOL

  7. @Mandy, LOL, right! By the 2nd coat you can tell if a 3rd will be enough. And yeah, sometimes some nail polishes are well worth that extra coat. The end result makes it worth it!

  8. It's a really fun shade! It looks great on you. :) It's just too bad that it's so sheer!

  9. @Vintage♥, thanks :) and I agree, I don't like the sheerness of it all. But 3 coats, although that's a bit much for me, fixed that right up! I will be posting my Frankenstein nails using this lime green in a day or two :)


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