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Sunday, October 2, 2011

LFI: Brown Leaves

Hello, my Pretties!

I have yet another LFI to share with you today. I think since we hit the fall season, this is my first fall-ish look yet.

I love fall! It's my favorite season. The sad thing is, I love fall as it is on TV and movies. We don't really have autumn here is Texas. It's summer 90% of the time and winter the other 10%.

We don't see the trees change color--no pretty reds and golds here. Either the leaves on our Texas trees are green or brown.

So here is my brown leaves eye look for this fall season.

I used several shades of brown to create this look. And I must say, I'm really loving it! It's basic. It's neutral. I think it is even work appropriate.

A very pretty shimmery light golden brown shade covers my lids while a deep bark shade of brown creeps into the crease. To brighten up the look, a reddish copper hovers above the crease. To highlight the brow bone area, I added a touch of matte nude shadow.

And just for fun, I added this pinky plum lip. I actually used lip liner in this look which I never do!

I'm really happy with this look. I love the eyes. So shimmery! Even though we've still been having 100+ degree weather day after day down here, I can look at this blog post and fantasize about what fall should really be!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Very Pretty!!


  2. Very pretty, this is a great work look! I like that lip color a lot it goes so well with your skintone!

  3. @socialitedreams, thank you! I love this lip color. I've been wearing it often :)

    @Ashley K, thank you, I appreciate the comment!

    @Hunter87, yay! I was hoping it would look like fall. LOL. But I did get some new shadows with lots of golds and oranges in the palette so that might look even more fall-ish!

    @Amber, thank you :) I love this lip color and I have no idea what goes with my skintone, I just slap on what I like. LOL. But I'm glad you think it suits me well. It's my fave at the moment :)

  4. That's such a pretty look!!! I love it. The lips are really pretty too.

  5. @penelope, thank you, hun. I really loved this look too. Sad thing is, I can't remember what shadows I used. LOL!


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