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Monday, October 31, 2011

Favorites: October 2011

Hello, my Pretties!

Yay! Look at me, I'm right on time today! I'll try to keep this short and sweet since I'm sure many of you are getting ready to celebrate Halloween tonight!

Monthly Favorites for October 2011.

Avon Care Moisture Replenish
Daily Hydrating Cream with SPF 15
I just recently started using this cream since my other one has just a couple more days use out of it. And, I'm really liking this. It doesn't say it's specific for use on the face or body so I assume it's both. But I just use it on my face and my neck. What ever is left on my fingertips, I just massage into my hands.

As you can see here, the formula is very thick. Just this amount is enough for my face, my neck, and the rest if for my hands. I use very little on my face because a little goes a long way. I don't want to have an overly moisturized, almost greasy, looking face. I like to apply this on my face before I apply my foundation.

Here is what is printed on the back of the jar:
"This light, easily absorbed cream contains nourishing sunflower seed oil which helps provide moisturizing properties to shield skin from dryness. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested. Provides SPF 15 protection. Non-comedogenic."

I have a feeling this will come in handy for the winter and the dry air that comes with it.

Lorac Blush in Soul

My first Lorac item. So pretty. This is a really good everyday blush. I tend to lean more towards the peachy toned blushes just because I think they look better on my skin tone over the pink shades.

This blush is not overly soft. It doesn't fall apart like the E.L.F. ones tend to do. It does not have a creamy silky texture either. But the color payoff is great. My face looks fresher and brighter with this blush on. It also has a nice shimmer to it. It's more like a matte blush with flecks of shimmer scattered through out.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Single
in 251A Brulee

I had seen this eyeshadow used as a brow highlight in so many blog posts and so many YouTube tutorials. I finally found one at Walgreen's and I bought it. Then it went home to sit in my makeup drawer untouched for months. I just remembered I had it this month. And now I have been using it every time I do my makeup.

It's the perfect brow highlight. It's matte. It's not stark white. I have yet to use this as a lid shade. It's soul purpose of existence for me is to use as a highlight.

Do you have this? If you don't, get it.

Lorac Eyeshadow/Liner in Midnight Sparkle

And here is another eye product. This is also another Lorac product. This is a great duo use eye product. You can use it as a liner or as a shadow. I have used this as both. This is a black with big chunky glitters all throughout.

It add extra wow when used as a liner but you can't get a thin line with this, it's a thick tipped pencil. As a shadow, you can create a smoky look and if you like glitter, you have that added bonus.

But, the glitter does fall off a little. Especially when I used it as a shadow. I guess because you apply more. I had flecks of glitter on my lashes and right on the tops of my cheeks. Nothing major. I just kept seeing little reflecting lights out of the corner of my eyes and that was a little annoying.

But since I did like how it looked on, I will keep using it!

Avon Nail Experts Mineral Strength
I have been trying to grow my nails and so I started using this every time I paint my nails. I put one coat of this under the nail polish. I have never used a base coat, and while this isn't labeled as a base coat, I use it as one. It was working. My nails did get stronger. I had less breakage. And when I did get one, it was minor.

But in this whole month, I did lose two nails to breakage and that wasn't too bad. So, I cut them all off and now I am starting the process all over again. I hate having long nails mixed in with broken nails.

Slatkin & Co. Caribbean Escape
Scented Candle
Oh em gee! This smells so good. I know Caribbean Escape is not a fall like scent but it smells so good! I would use this year round.

The description the jar describes it perfectly:
"A sweet, tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar and Italian lemon, infused with creamy coconut milk."

On second thought, I want to drink this! Doesn't it sound delicious?

Left to Right:
Lorac Eyeshadow/Liner in Midnight Sparkle
Lorac Blush in Soul
Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Single in 251A Brulee

OK, I will admit, this isn't such a hot post. But hey, this is what I really liked this month. What were your favorites?

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All products in this post were bought by me with my own money. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. this is a great blog post, I think im going to start doing montly favorites!! Currently i am in love with Sinful Colors nail polish!

  2. I love Brulee as a brow highlight!

  3. Brulee is gorgeous, and I think I may have to look into Lorac blushes now. Uhoh.

  4. I agree with you on the WnW eye shadow I use it as an eyebrow highligth too.
    That Lorac blush sound really pretty I think I must try it too.
    Overall I like you favorites. Have you check mine too.

  5. Fab faves! The LORAC blush is gorgeous :)

  6. I had that candle over the summer and burned it all the way down! Bath and Body works has the best candles!

  7. @Ms. Glitz Glam, thank you! I just recently started doing monthly favorites because everyone else was doing it on their blogs. I'm such a follower! LOL. I have tried Sinful Colors but years ago. I'm tempted to get some more, though. They have such a huge variety of shades to pick!

    @Wendy, now I'm in love with Brulee as a brow highlight too. I've been using it so much, I think I should get a back up already!

    @JC, LOL, oops sorry for putting buying ideas in you! I think I only have these 2 Lorac items but I like them very much. Especially the blush. I wore it again today!

    @Hunter87, Brulee is really great. I don't know what I ever did without it. Did I even use a brow highlight? LOL. And I love this Lorac blush. It was stashed away for a long time but now that it's out, I'm using it up! No, I haven't checked out your faves yet but I will tonight before bed :)

    @Vintage Makeup, Wow, the Lorac blush seems to be everyone's favorite! LOL. I can see why. Of all the stuff, it's my favorite too. But even though I have been using it a lot, it will last me forever. It is really pigmented. A light hand in application will do :)

    @Amber, I got 3 mini ones and I only have one left! Boooo.... I love their candles. I can't remember specific names of them but I know I like most of them. I am a huge fan of all BBW products and their candles are #1!


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