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Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorites: September 2011

Hello, my Pretties!

OMG, could I be any later in sharing my SEPTEMBER favorites with you? If you know me, yeah, I guess I can be later...

Anyway, sorry so late but here are my most used products for last month.

September 2011 Favorites

Left to right:
Avon True Color Blush in Classic Aura
E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Victoria's Secret Refreshing Body Mist in Pure Seduction
Jordana Color Effects Eyeshadow Powder in Splitting Image
E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Honey
Avon Healthy Makeup Lip Cream in Merlot


Victoria's Secret
Refreshing Body Mist
Pure Seduction
125 mL/4.2 fl oz

"Refreshing with fragrance from a Secret Garden, infused with moisturizing Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile."

I love this scent! I know this one is of their old scents but I still love it. I feel so feminine when I wear this. At the rate I'm going, this might be in my October empties post!

Jordana Color Effects Eyeshadow Powder
Splitting Image
.094 oz/2.66 g

A fellow beauty blogger, Nicole of NV Beauty, sent me this when I won a giveaway she hosted a couple of months back and I fell in love with it!

Both shadows are shimmery and beautiful. The gold fits so well with the chocolate brown and love this as an everyday look. I love shimmer shadows.

E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick in Honey

And this little gem was given to me by my beauty bestie, Cathy of My Pinktastic Life, many months ago and I use this a lot. I love to use this on my eyes just below the brow bone to hide my big blue veins. Ugh! This works wonders in that department. It also helps conceal the dark circles that have started appearing under my eyes.

E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Another great E.L.F. product is this liquid eyeliner. It has a felt tip applicator which works great for me. I love the pigmentation of this eyeliner. It is so black. It is saturated with color and applies evenly and dries quickly. As for the lasting power, on me, it can go all day without a smudge.

Avon Healthy Makeup Lip Cream in Merlot

I love these lip creams! I have 3 of them only and I love them all. This one is more on the red side of the color spectrum. I also have a pink and a peach. This is not the way the top is supposed to look, the cap broke off and this was all that was left. Sad thing is, now it won't close properly so this tube is brand new and I doubt that I will be able to finish it off before it begins to dry up. Boooo...

Avon True Color Blush in Classic Aura

I know I included this in August's Favorites post but, oh my gosh, you guys, I love this. I use it every time I wear makeup. It's a must for me. I feel like I cheated you guys this month reposting this but this is really one of my favorites!

I know I didn't have a lot on my favorites this month. I didn't wear a whole lot of makeup this time around. I actually didn't do a lot of new looks either. I kind of just stuck to wearing a neutral look most of the time. It's one of those ruts we experience sometimes.

Hopefully, October will be a better month!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All items in this post were bought by me with my own money otherwise noted. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. Oooh, I like that Eyeshadow. I've always looked at Jordana stuff, but never tried it! I'll have to try it out now! haha Thanks for sharing.

    PS. I love that pure seduction line too!

  2. The Jordana shadows look gorgeous! Do you own any other Jordana products? :)

  3. great faves love!
    i want to try the lip cream.
    the swatch looks beautiful<3

  4. Great Haul!! I too like that VS scent!!

  5. @penelope_amor, this is my first time trying Jordana and I like it very much. I definitely want to try some other stuff!

    @MissAshDG, I think Kmart carries it, I've heard. I haven't seen it myself. But they have a website you can check out: :)

    @Vintage Makeup, I only have this duo and one other that was also given to me by Nicole. I love the other one too! I might include in next month's favorites :)

    @MSodapop, thank you! You can check out the Avon website at to see if they still offer the lip cream. I really like them :)

    @Hunter87, thank you! I love this scent! It's an oldie but a goodie :)


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