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Thursday, October 6, 2011

LFI: Upside Down

Hello, my Pretties!

Feel like another Look For Inspiration?

I have another one for you today. This one is a very easy and simple look that you can do in five minutes!

Pretty simple.
Pretty period.

When I finished this look, I thought it might just well be one of my better simplistic looks. It's very basic and quick. Don't need much at all to create this look. It's minimal without being boring.

Navy blue eyeliner with a frosty blue
along the lower lash line.

I ran a cream navy blue liner along my upper lash line and water line. The navy blue just brightens up the eye more than plain black. And for an extra splash of color, I added a frosty silvery blue to the lower lash line. The shimmery pale blue is a nice contrast for the navy.

Medium brown in the crease only.

As for the eyeshadow, I wanted to concentrate the color to the lower lash line. I usually do my eye looks with heavy color on the lid and a tiny bit of color along the lower lash line, if I remember to decorate it at all. Most of the time, all I have on my lower lash line is a rim of black eyeliner. That's why I call this one Upside Down. I only added a light touch of medium brown to my crease and that was it. I wanted all the focus to be on the lower lash line for once.

Sheer pink lips.

And to help keep the focus on the lower lash line, I kept the lips simple with a sheer pink lip color. It's understated but it's pretty at the same time.

Well, my dears, this was something "new" I thought I'd do for a change. I liked  it. I might keep this up and do the same look and just keep changing out the colors  I use on the lower lash line. We'll see!

Luv & Luk,


  1. I like this very much nice pop of color
    now following you on twitter too =)

  2. @Hunter87, thanks! I'm glad you liked it. It's something different from my normal. And thank you for the twitter follow too! I followed right back :)

    @Vintage Makeup, oh my goodness, this blue eyeliner is wonderful! It is so creamy and it's super pigmented and the lasting power is incredible! :)

  3. Ooooh! Love that! I wanna try this =) ... I need a blue liner LOL

  4. @penelope_amor, thank you! I love this liner but I rarely use it. I think using a blue liner like this is a good way, fast and easy too, to dress up the eyes using very little products. Get one!


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