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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I think my sweetheart is going to regret sending me to CVS to buy a gallon of milk for the baby. This is already the second time I go to buy milk, just a gallon of milk, and I come back with cosmetics for me. Whoops!

So what did I get today, you ask? Nail polish. Sally Hansen nail polish for 75% off. Good deal!

Look at those savings! I'm a FRUGALISTA!

The lineup.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color
94 Black Diamond
Black with silver sparkles.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color
90 Brilliant Bordeaux
Burgundy with slight shimmer.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color
22 Jumpin' Jade
Teal with slight shimmer.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color
40 Purple Pizzazz
Bright purple with flecks of glitter.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
76 Plum
Mauve creme.

Quick swatches.
Two coats.
Black Diamond, Purple Pizzazz, and Plum could use 3 coats. A bit sheer.
Brilliant Bordeaux and Jumpin' Jade are very opaque.

See anything you liked? My favorite is Jumpin' Jade. So pretty! I'm so glad I got these to add to my collection. I wonder what else I can find at CVS...

Thanks for stopping by!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Black diamond is definitely my fav from this set! Have a great one! x

  2. Oh I love that Jumpin Jade I think I need to get that!

  3. @Kristen, Jumpin' Jade was my fave one. I should have posted a pic of the brush because it is the first one I see like it. It is square and flat! So odd to me but it did make the application faster and easier. Highly recommed this one.

  4. @xNTA, Black Diamond is really nice. I only have one other black nail polish and it is matte. It is nice also but I thought this one looked like the night sky with stars!


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