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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Favorites: June 2012

Hello, my Pretties!

Can y'all remember when the last time I did a monthly favorites post was?  Uh...

Never mind, I have one this month!  I didn't choose that many products for this month but the products I did pick, I have been using a lot. A LOT!

My favorites for June 2012.

Milani Minerals Compact Makeup In 104 True Beige.

My sweet-tart bought this for me when CVS was having their huge clearance on a lot of Milani items.  I think items that were being discontinued.  It was so funny because I didn't go with him but he came back with the perfect shade for my face.  I think he spends a lot of his time looking at my face...

You see, I use this a lot!

I really like the look that this mineral makeup provides me.  My skin looks very smooth and while it doesn't keep the shine away all day, I don't think I need to reapply but maybe once.

Smashbox Lash DNA Mascara in Black.

I have this mini version of Smashbox Lash DNA and I love it.  It's almost gone.  The formula is good for me.  It's very black and wet.  It gives my lashes so much length and a bit of volume.  My only gripe about this is that it is not waterproof.  I laugh a lot which makes my eyes tear up if it's a real good laugh and then my mascara runs!  LOL.  I've cried in it too and it runs.  I look like a woman from a Spanish telenovela crying for her dead husband or something.  Not a good look!

Avon SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine in Popsicle

I cannot stop using this lip gloss!  See, you can actually see that I've been using this a lot this month since I just got it this month.  I don't usually use up any kind of makeup so this is a big deal for me!

I use this a lot too!

This lip shine is called Popsicle and I think it is the perfect name.  It looks like I ate a popsicle when I apply it to my lips.  I don't know about y'all but as a child, I used to only eat the red popsicles because I would run them over my lips to give them a "lipstick look".  Haha.  Who am I kidding, I still do that!  And I've seen my daughters do it too!


BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette
2nd Edition

I got this palette for my birthday from my sweet-tart back in December.  I actually received editions 1-4 and I love them all but I have been using this one almost every single day!  There are so many colors to chose from!  The looks are endless.

Oh my wow!

But I admit that I got it mainly for the chance to do a rainbow eye!  I had been dying to do a rainbow eye but I didn't have the right colors.  Since getting this palette, I've done rainbow eyes often!  I mean, look at the swatches!  These are the shades I use for my rainbow.


Avon Precision Grip Teardrop Blender

I was so super duper excited when I saw that Avon came out with their own version of the Beauty Blender.  I have always wanted a Beauty Blender!  But I wasn't able, or willing, to spend $20 for it.  The Avon version is only $4.99 so I took a chance and tried it out.  Since I've never owned or used an original Beauty Blender, I can't compare the two.  All I know is that I love this one!  I use this everyday.  It makes my mousse or liquid makeup apply smoothly and evenly.  Looks so much better than using fingers or a brush!

Ardell Brow Precision Shaper.

I got a 3 pack of these from CVS on clearance for $1.49.  I had never used one of these but I couldn't pass up on the price.  I'm happy I got them.  They are tiny razors that are used to clean up around the brows.  The first time I used it, I was amazed at the difference in my brows!  I don't use this everyday, of course, but I used it when I'm going to take pics of my eyes for my blog and don't have time to tweeze.  I just clean up with these.  What a time saver!

And these are all my favorites!  I am so happy that I have these babies in my arsenal.  They have been good to me...oh, so good.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All items mentioned in this post were bought by me with my own money for the exception of the ones stated as being gifted to me.  These are my own honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. You've shared such great items!! I have the BH 120 palette in the first edition and I've been playing around with it a lot lately. It's really helping me come out of my normal neutral eye look.

    And I love the Avon Supershock Lip glosses too. Pink Indulgence is my fave.

    Great post, girlie!

    1. Thank you, Miss Dre! Yes, thanks to the BH 120 palettes, I have begun to experiment more with color and have even gotten my sister hooked on it too. She recently bought the 1st Edition. I love it! I have Tickled Pink in the Supershock but I will have to look for Pink Indulgence and hope it's still available!

  2. I really need to try out the beauty blender!

    1. I really recommend it. And for the price, it doesn't hurt to try! If you do try it out, let me know what you thought of it :)

  3. That's so cool that Avon has their own version of the Beauty Blender! I definitely need to try this..great post!

    Check out my favorites at:

    1. Honestly, I really like it, Brittney. I've been using it every single day! And thank you very much, I will most definitely be checking out your blog too!


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