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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills See and Be Seen

Hello, my Pretties!

Here is the second half of my Review for Anastasia Beverly Hills.  You can catch the first half of this review here: Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius.

Now let me introduce you to this wonderful little package.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
See and Be Seen

This See and Be Seen makeup kit will be available this summer for a limited time only.  This product will be available for about three more weeks only.  This kit can be purchased exclusively at Sephora and

Inside cover.

The See and Be Seen makeup kit retails for $44 but is and $80 value!

Package contents.

Each See and Be Seen kit includes:
  • Two new HydraFull Gloss colors in Heiress and Plastic.  These limited edition colors were created specifically for the theme of “Make It Happen” and are not available anywhere except in the See and Be Seen Kit.  Anastasia’s Hydrafull Gloss contains lip tint to maintain longer lasting color while maximizing lip hydration and fullness.
  • The new caramel tinted Brow Gel.  Anastasia’s brow gel sets your perfect brow look with a hint of tint and is fortified with botanical hair conditioners and essential oils to keep brows feeling as great as they look.
  • The soft pink and golden hues of the ILLUMIN8 Shadow duo in On Set.  ILLUMIN8 Eye Shadow Duos are designed to illuminate, firm, and smooth the appearance of skin while also soothing, softening and hydrating.
♥♥ Taken from product information email from Summer at The Confluence. ♥♥

Hydrafull Gloss in Plastic.
2.2 mL/0.07 FL. Oz.

Plastic fingertip swatch.

Applicator is a flat plastic spatula as opposed to a brush
or a sponge tipped applicator.

Hydrafull Gloss in Heiress.
2.2 mL/0.07 FL. Oz.

Heiress fingertip swatch.

Lip swatch.
Heiress on top lip. Plastic on bottom lip.

These glosses are fantastic!  They do not feel sticky at all.  They glide on easily although it did take some getting used to using a plastic spatula to apply the gloss but it worked well.  The Hydrafull Gloss formula is moisturizing.  I did notice a pink tint left on my lips even after the glossiness had worn off.  There is little difference in my eyes when actually worn on the lips.  I have been using Plastic almost on a daily basis.  At first sight, I thought these glosses were to vivid and bold for me but they apply more sheer which makes them much more wearable.  Given that it's summer, these provide a perfect kick of color for day or night.  As for smell and taste, there is a very subtle sweet scent that didn't bother me.  Taste wise, I don't think it has flavor.

Illumin8 Eyeshadow Duo in On Set.
NET WT. 1.1g/0.04 Oz. Each.

In the photo above, I swiped each fingertip over each eyeshadow shade just once and look at how much color I picked up.  Nice.  But, for me, the true test is how much of the eyeshadow on my fingertip will transfer to my skin in the actual swatch.

In the photo above, is the actual swatch.  This is just one swipe of each fingertip over the back of my hand.  No primer, no base, no foundation.  Just bare skin.  Amazing!  The pigmentation is phenomenal.  The texture is silky and soft with no fall out.  The blending is effortless.  The two shades included in this duo are exquisite.

Here I am wearing Illumin8 Eyeshadow Duo
and Hyrafull Gloss in Plastic.

This Illumin8 Eyeshadow Duo is quickly becoming one of my favorite eyeshadows that I own.  They not only look good, but they last.  In my case, I applied a thin layer of E.L.F.'s Eyelid Primer from their $1 line underneath the eyeshadows and that was enough to last me all day!  Wonderful!

Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel.
9.0 g/0.32 Oz.

Fingertip swatch.

Applied over my naturally black brows.

Obviously, this Tinted Brow Gel is not my color.  I am sad that I will not be able to take advantage of this product but I will keep in and use it on friends or family...if I can find someone with light brows.  Most of my friends and family are Latinas like me and we all have dark brows!

I know that Anastasia Beverly Hills is most known for their eyebrow products so I am sure this is a terrific product.  I didn't leave it on long enough to test it.  I felt silly walking around the house with "blonder" brows and my daughters looking at me strangely.  The only thing I can honestly say about this product is that it has a scent to it.  Smells a lot like paint!

And then there was this little box. 

I opened it up and look what was inside!

A promotional 3D Viewmaster.

Included with 2 photo reels each showcasing Lash Genius
and See and Be Seen.

Here are just some of the images presented on the reels:

I haven't viewed anything through one of these in such a long time.  Seriously, maybe since I was actually a child!  This was such a sweet and adorable idea.  I loved this little surprise very much.

Again, let me take the time to thank Summer at The Confluence and Anastasia Beverly Hills for sharing this wonderful opportunity with me.  I have had a wonderful time testing these products out which I have enjoyed very much.

I hope that you all enjoyed my review for Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Don't forget to visit their website at and check out all the wonderful and beautiful products they have to offer.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All Anastasia Beverly Hills products mentioned in this post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  All statements made in the blog post are my own and honest opinions. ♥♥


  1. Great Review BBB!!!
    I would like to get the brow gel but someone told me it also comes in clear because I dont think I would like shimmer on my brows.

    1. Thank you, BBB! Yes, same here. I'd like to try the brow gel but not in this color! LOL, so not my shade :)


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