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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello, My Pretties! How many of you are getting or planning on getting MAC's new collection featuring Wonder Woman. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on this collection. I guess avid MAC users aren't too impressed as they've seen these colors before. But as for me, I have very, very few MAC items and I just got them in December of last year for my birthday and Christmas. I guess I'm giving the Wonder Woman collection a little more slack since I'm not familiar with MAC and everything is impressive to me.

But, I am not going to buy anything since I am still on Project 5 Pan. (Update: I still have not finished anything. Not even the ones that were close to being finished!) So, to soothe my soul, I decided to try something fun. I used the primary colors associated with Wonder Woman--yellow, blue, and red--and I did a look that I think turned out quite fun!

Since I can't buy anything off the Wonder Woman collection, I used her as my inspiration for painting my face! I hope you will find this as an inspiration as well.

And whether or not we buy something from the MAC Wonder Woman collection or not, never forget that we all are WONDERFUL WOMEN!

Luv & Luk,


  1. Thats very pretty! What colors did you use? I think this could be a very wearable look!

  2. @Amber, thank you very much! I used 3 random products for this look. The yellow was from an Essence quad, the blue was a HIP duo, and the red is from a palette that is so old the name is rubbed off. It was just a cheap generic palette but very pigmented! And I used an Avon bronze shadow as a transition color. I'm glad you liked it. It's just for fun!

  3. I love it Lisa!! Awesome idea =) I hope you do get a chance to get something from the collection! I was super happy that my package came in yesterday..i aleady opened and swatched my items for my review on Monday! =)

  4. @Priscilla, thanks, hun! My sister and I plan on hitting up the MAC counter sometime this week. She doesn't own any MAC but likes this collection. I might get one thing but I don't know what... (I'm on Project 5 Pan, oops I forgot. Crap!) I cannot wait to see your items and swatches on Monday! How freekin' awesome for you :)

  5. This looks great super wearable. Thinking of getting a few things from the wonder woman collection I think they look awesome!.

  6. @Cathy, HEY, FRIEND! :) Thank you for liking my look! I wanted to get myself something from the WW collection too but I'm not sure yet. I am on P5P but my sweets did give me the $$ to go buy some stuff as my V-Day gift. LOL. Look at me, just trying to justify cheating on my makeup diet :) I hope you get some. If you do, please show them off on your blog! Take care, girlie!


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