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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello, My Pretties!

I haven't done a review in a long time. Have I ever done a review?? Well, any who, I have chosen to do a review on a hair product today. This featured review is all about Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray.

I bought mine at Wal-Mart a couple of months ago. My hair is freakishly curly and frizzy so I always wear my hair up in either a braid or a bun. (Buns, ugh, I know!) Wearing my hair up and pulled back and out of my face is just a lot easier and faster for me. It is really hard to bust out the Chi and straighten my hair when I have a 1 year old tugging at my pant legs and crying for my attention. That's my everyday life.


  • By Clairol
  • Cost $2.97 (Wal-Mart)
  • 8 FL OZ LIQ. (236 mL)
  • Lily bliss fragrance
  • Extra hold (Level 2 out of 4)
  • Convenient spray pump

Herbal Essences
Set Me Up

Directly off the bottle:
"Let me finish you up with a lush finish from my light
formula fused with extracts of cactus flower &
bamboo. I'm versatile to hold your style with
luscious shine. If you love your style, hold
onto it all day long."

OMG, this stuff smells so, so, so good! I love the scent. I love all the Herbal Essences fragrances. The scents are the basis of the appeal for me. I loved how I would spray this on in the morning and throughout the day, I would catch a whiff of my hair. So, so good. Major plus!

The hold was phenomenal. It worked for what I needed it to. This product was great at taming fly a ways. Did get hard and crunchy if too much was applied, of course. But the over all hold was excellent. Plus!

Price? Plus!

Ease of application? Plus!

Availability? Plus!

Packaging? Very pretty. Sleek. Never had a problem with a clogged pump. Dispensed hairspray evenly and easily every time. Plus!

So far so good...

Almost a perfect product. Almost.  So what was the downside for me? It made my scalp itch like crazy!! OMG, I cannot even tell you how bad it was. It was very bothersome. Really. My scalp did itch and flake more than with any other hairspray I have ever used. So, so sad. I really wanted to like this. And for the most part I did. My sister thinks it's the fragrance in the hairspray that caused the itching for me. Maybe. But the fragrance is what I adored about it.

I do have to say, I did finish all 8 fl oz of this stuff. Why? Because I had already bought it. Didn't want to see it go to waste. Oh well, I endured an itchy head for a while but my hair was always in place.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. I loved everything about it but the irritated scalp was the deal breaker for me. Scratching your head is not attractive.

What are your thoughts on this product? If you've tried it, tell me what you thought about it. Did your head itch too?? I'm really upset. I wanted this to work for me so bad.


Since finishing this hairspray, I have bought another one. A different brand. This new one has been working out a lot better. Stay tuned for a review on the new hairspray!

Here's to a good hair day,


  1. Oh dear, shame about the itching because herbal essences does smell so good! I haven't tried this but don't think I will now haha I just stick to the garnier hairspray which smells lovely and works just fine :)


  2. Thats a bummer of it making your hair itch, but don't feel bad! Herbal Essences shampoos/conditioners make my head itch too, and it does suck because they smell so delicious. Nice review xoxo

  3. @Sarai, how funny because the other brand hairspray I've been using for about a week now is a Garnier one and it's been great so far! I hope I'll be able to do a review on it soon :)

    @Joann, I'm glad to hear they make your head itch too. LOL. You know what I mean :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to do without the Herbal. LOL. And they do smell decicious. Thanks for saying it was a nice review. Aww :) XXOO


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