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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: L.A. Colors

Hello, my Pretties!

As promised, here is another L.A. Colors review I have to share with you!  I am so excited to have been given yet again another opportunity to try some new products!

And as always, let me clarify that these products were sent to me courtesy of L.A. Colors in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

Now let the fun begin!

This time I got sent three new products but I was able to pick out my own colors so that was an added bonus.  In this review, I will be covering two lip products and one nail product.  I think you will enjoy these just as much as I did.

Pictured above:

L.A. Colors Flash Pop! Dual Ended Nail Polish in Mad Duo.
L.A. Colors Jellie Gloss in Bloom.
L.A. Colors Lip Color in Pouty.

L.A. Colors Flash Pop! Dual Ended Nail Polish
CNP983 Mad Duo
0.30 fl. oz. (9ml)

There are 6 different nail polish duos to choose from but when I saw this color on the L.A. Colors website, I just knew I had to have it.  I am adoring coral colors lately.  But, I will admit that the hue on the website differs greatly from the actual nail polish.  In person it is a lot more vibrant!  It's a bright sunny orange.  Almost

The L.A. Color website states:


Trend Alert! L.A. COLORS Flash POP! has everything you need to make your nails show stopping. Designed with two different colors in one convenient tube, Flash POP! duos makes your nails appear multi-dimensional with the flip of a stick. Each nail set has a bold nail polish color on the end and a glittery top coat on the other; wear alone or combined to deliver a dazzling look with intense color.!-Polish-2948.html


The orange coral side is pretty great.  It appears a little on the thin side but two coats is sufficient to get optimum coverage.  And like I said, it is not a muted coral, it is a vibrant orange.  It will look fantastic with a tan (which I naturally sport year round haha) this summer.

The accent side to the nail polish duo consists of hot pink micro glitter and holographic roughly chopped shapes.  The micro glitters stick on to the nail very well but the larger chunks are hard to get on to the nail in the first place.

And here is my final look!  I did two coats of the opaque cream coral polish and two coats of the pink glitter.  Over all, I love this duo! 


Now, next on my list to chat about is the L.A. Colors Jellie Gloss.

L.A. Colors Jellie Gloss
CLG976 Bloom
0.20 oz. (5.6g)

OK, it was a little bit harder to choose which of these lip glosses to pick.  There are 24 awesome shades to choose from!  I knew I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.

The L.A. Colors website states:


Jellie, Shimmer, and Sparkle lip gloss leaves lips with a soft natural shine. Sticky free formula with a light sweet scent glistens lips with a burst of color. Discover your favorite shade for every mood!



Bloom swatch.

Bloom lip swatch.

And something out of my comfort zone was what I got!  This is definitely not a color I would have ever picked had I seen it in person.  On the website it appears more red, though.  I'm new to this shade of pink but I actually found it fun to wear!  It's such a Barbie girl color!  Haha.

The website claims that it has a "light sweet scent" and it took me forever and a day to put my finger on it.  The scent was so familiar and it was killing me that I couldn't name what it smelled like.  But I think I've got it.  It smells like bubble gum!  Duh!

As for the feel of it, I like it.  It is moisturizing.  It's creamy and no, it is not sticky at all.  There is no flavor to this lip gloss either.  It wore for about 2 hours before I had to reapply.  I think that is typical for a lip gloss.

Over all, I liked this one too.  And since there are so many other colors to try, I plan on making a purchase for a few others.  I'd love to try: Splash, Venom, Seduce and Sparkling!


And last but not least, here is the L.A. Colors Lip Color.

L.A. Colors Lip Color
LIPC2 Pouty
0.13 oz. (3.6g)

48!  48!  That's how many of these pretty little things there are to chose from!  That's pretty great.  I took forever to chose one lipstick I wanted to try.  I picked this one because I was looking for something a little more neutral since I thought the Jellie Gloss was going to be more red.  I will say that for me, Pouty in person was very close to the Pouty swatch on the website.

The L.A. Colors website states:


Introducing a new line of hydrating color lipsticks that nourish and moisturize lips while giving them the vibrant color. Enriched with Vitamin E, it goes on with ease and leaves lips feeling soft and supple.

Pouty swatch.

Pouty lip swatch.

Right off the bat, I loved the color.  On my wrist, it was the perfect color but on my actual lips, I liked it a tad less.  Despite the color, it's a fantastic lipstick!

Like the lip gloss, the lipstick also has a sweet scent but not bubble gum like.  More like sugar.  The lipstick does not have a flavor either.  It feels decadent on the lips.  Very creamy!  Very moisturizing too.  It is not sticky at all and it wear comfortably. 

I can not think of a negative side to this lipstick.  I enjoyed it very much.  While the color wasn't perfect for me, there are 47 other colors I can try!


I think all three of these products are going to be perfect and wonderfully worn for spring and summer.  I am happy with all of these and did enjoy them very much.  I am looking forward to purchasing other shades of all three items! 

Are you thinking about picking up any of these L.A. Colors newest products?

Don't forget to stay in touch with L.A. Colors via:

♥♥ All products mentioned in this post were sent to me compliments of L.A. Colors.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post were honest and my own. ♥♥


  1. Omg the texture of that lipstick is amazing! I've never seen those before. & Your l/g is the perfect pink!! Great products, girl! I'm def going to keep an eye out for those l/s!

    1. Thanks, Dinorah! I actually thought the lip gloss was too pink for me but I have to admit, I've worn it several times and it's grown on me. Haha ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing these swatches. Love the polish picks and the gloss if great for spring!

    1. Oh, it's my pleasure sharing swatches with you all. I LOVE doing swatches! I'm a huge fan of the nail polish and I agree, the gloss is a great match for spring :)

  3. I love L.A. Colors lipsticks, there actually surprisingly good. I like that you do more drug store hauls. It makes me want to go to dollar general more often lol.

    1. Haha! Oh, honey, I love to bargain shop! I, personally, can't afford to spend a lot of money on makeup so these cheaper alternatives are what I lust after. And some things are actually quite good! I will agree and say that the L.A. Colors lipsticks are really good. I have several of them. Let's see...1 MAC lippie, or 10 L.A. Colors lippies?? Hmm... Haha :)

  4. Oh my God. Love the bright, neon colors!
    Check out my new post!
    Khanak Mehta

  5. Those nail duos look a lot like the Revlon nail duo pens! I shall have to look for these now. Great reviews :)

    1. Haha. When I saw these I thought the same thing! But I don't have the Revlon ones. And thank you for the comment :)

  6. The lip color and gloss <3
    Check out my new post!
    Khanak Mehta

  7. Hi! Nice review :-) hey I was wandering what did you do in order to get products to review from LA Colors? I recently started a blog and would like to get some tips on how to get companies to send me products in exchange of my honest thoughts about their products... thanks

    1. Hi, Gema! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. To be honest with you, I have never approached a company to ask for the opportunity to review their products. They actually sent me an email asking if I would like to. I jumped at the chance! Haha. I never get asked by companies to review, only about 5 times. I'm sure if you visit their website, you can find their contact information and maybe send them an email and include a link to your blog so that they can see your work. Good luck!

  8. I love the jellie shimmer sparkle glosses! They smell like banana laffy taffy in my opinion which is good and has no taste! They aren't sticky and wear for like a little over two hours and leave a stain. I have seduce and venom. Gorgeous colors. The price is so amazing too. Much more inexpensive than the actual quality. I like these better than most drugstore glosses. They are simple but pretty perfect.


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