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Friday, August 24, 2012

Swatches: Dark Heart Designs: A-C

Hello, my Pretties!

Recently I was picked to join the Dark Heart Designs Swatch Program.  What is the Swatch Program?  It is a program that Dark Heart Designs owner, Tina, created to get different women of different age groups and different skin tones to swatch her products.  You know how it is, different colors look different on our individual skin.

So, how it works is that she sends us the samples and we swatch them for her.  Those swatches will then be added to her online store.

I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and share her products with you.

I love getting packages in the mail!

Everything included in my package.

♥ Cosmetics Care Guide
♥ Thank you note handwritten and personalized just for me from Tina :)
♥ Baggie with samples

My little treasure chest.

Also included were 2 business cards and a coupon!

First 5 shadow samples to swatch. A-C.



Beautiful Nightmare

Bone Daddy

Carnival Queen

My favorite eye shadows were the Anna and the Bone Daddy shades.  So pretty!

Non eye shadow samples.

I just noticed I didn't take a single shot of the Dark Magic Eyelixer on its own.  It is a clear serum like liquid that you can mix with your eye shadows to foil them and apply them wet.  Totally intensifies the shadows!

Barrel Lip Slick

At first I thought this was an eye liner.  It's so purple!  Haha.  I was intimidated by the swatch on my forearm but when I applied it to my lips, I actually liked it!  I applied it lightly but it can be intensified just by applying some more.

Love Bites Lip Stick

This lip stick sample, on the other hand, was the other way around.  I liked the pink shade in the pot and loved it on my forearm but once applied to my lips, I felt like Snookie!  Me no like Snookie.

It is way too light for my complexion but that's the beauty of the Swatch Program.  Someone with my skin tone might want to pass this lip stick up.  But someone who is fair skinned can pull this off beautifully.

Bloody Mary Eye Light Gel Liner

I must say I love the name of this eye liner.  So creative!  I've never worn red eye liner before but this is going to be fun trying to work it into a wearable look.

I just wanted to say thank you to Tina for allowing me to be a part of the Swatch Program.  I had lots of fun swatching these products.  I hope to be able to bring you another set post soon.


Online Store:
Facebook Fan Page:

♥♥ All items in this blog post were sent to me free of charge for swatching purposes. ♥♥


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had not ever tried DHD until I was accepted into the swatch program. And thank goodness I was. I am really loving the stuff! In all honesty, I truly am! :)

  2. Great swatches BBB!!!
    I like the lip colors.

    1. Thank you, BBB :) I wasn't sure of the pink lipstick but people really seem to like that one on me :)

  3. Love the lip colors. Makes your lips look so nice :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Michelle. To be honest, I feel like a Bratz doll LOL :)


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