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Thursday, August 2, 2012

LFI: Pinkie Promise

Hello, my Pretties!

I think it is time to come clean on what an LFI post really is.

I started doing LFI posts a while back.  I made up LFI to stand for Look For Inspiration.  The reason I started doing LFI posts was to give you all a little inspiration on looks that you can do.  But that is something an EOTD (Eye Of The Day) post can do.

So what is my dirty little secret behind my LFI posts?

My LFI posts are posts showcasing a makeup look I did (probably a while back) and I forgot what products I used!  Ugh!! There.  The truth is out.

Anytime I wear makeup, I do my best to photograph the look to use in a future blog post.  But sometimes, the looks keep piling up in my computer and I never get around to posting them on a timely basis.  Such as, I don't really ever post and EOTD on the day that I actually wore it.  I'll post it when I have time.

The sooner I post my makeup look, it will be an EOTD post where I list the products I used on my eyes.  If I take too long to post the look, it will become an LFI post where I forgot what products I used so I don't list any products and just leave it to you to use what you have in your stash to recreate the look that I "inspired" you with.

Sorry for being sneaky!

And with that being said, here is my latest LFI.

I promise I will start posting more EOTDs (where I list all the eye products used) more often.  And I also pinkie swear to start doing FOTDs (Face Of The Day) again.  In my FOTD posts, I list all products used in the complete makeup look.  I just need to go back to being more organized and write the products down in the order that I used them in my old spiral notebook like I used to do.

Oh well, we are all human.  I'm forgetful and at times lazy.  I admit it.  Hey, maybe LFI should stand for Lazy Forgetful Inspirations.  Haha :)


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