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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sugar Sweet Cosmetics: UPDATE

Hello, my Pretties!

I have some news to share with you!

I got an email from Jordan who is the owner of Sugar Sweet Cosmetics and the lovely lady who hand picked me as a promoter for her company.  She sent me an email to notify me of a couple changes.

First of all, new products are on their way!  I should be receiving my promoter package by the end of the week so that is wonderful news for me and you since I will be able to share with you the new eyeshadows that will be hitting the website very soon.

These new items to be added to the site also have new ingredients to make them more Vegan!  That is also great news.  For a product to be called Vegan, it must abstain from using animal products so for those of us who are animal lovers, when a makeup company has Vegan products available, that is like having your cake and eating it too.

And now probably for the biggest news, Sugar Sweet Cosmetics is going from this...

to this...

That's right.  Sugar Sweet Cosmetics is officially changing their name to Sweet Darling Cosmetics!  Here is their new logo.

Jordan stated the reasoning behind changing the name was that she wanted something that was a part of her style and a part of her daughter--something that was unique and that she could have forever.  Sugar Sweet was too reminiscent of Sugarpill!

And with new products, new ingredients, new packaging, new name, and new logo also comes a new Facebook Fan Page.  Head on over to Sweet Darling Cosmetics on Facebook and hit the LIKE button.  Pretty please and thank you!!

That is all I have for you today, my dolls.  I read the email and I just had to share it with you.  I cannot wait to receive my first promoter package and swatch the new goodies for you.  Stay tuned for that post coming soon!

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