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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EOTD: Smoke Out

Hello, my Pretties...

I'm a little sad today.  I have been for a couple of days now.  My camera is broken!  OMG!!  What am I going to do without a camera?  I am a blogger...I NEED IT!  I don't know if it can be fixed or if I am just going to have to buy a new one but this is a major downfall.  It was new too.  Oh well.

So for now, I'm going to have to browse my computer and bust out some older pics of blog posts that were never brought to life.  I hope I have enough to last me until I can figure out what to do about this camera situation.

I did this look back on July 3rd.  It was never posted because I thought it was a major fail.  It was a dark, dusky, purple shade of eyeshadow and a lavender lip gloss.  Um, yeah...

On eyes: E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow in Royal on the lid
and E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow in Celebrity in the crease.
Eyeliner along lower lash line is Essence Kajal Pencil in Hola, Chica!

On lips: Avon Moisture Seduction in Violet Beauty.

I love purple but this time it proved to be a fail for me. I posted this look on Instagram and some of you liked it.  I don't know if you liked it, or you were just being kind ;)  I, personally, did not like this look.  Honestly, I believe it was the lips that threw off the entire look for me.  I am not used to this shade on my lips.  I think it washed out the entire face.

Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.  Not all my looks are winners!  LOL :)


  1. I like the way your skin turned out, very smooth and glows.

    1. Thanks. :) I think it was the foundation that I used. For some reason, this specific foundation always gives me this "glowing" look. Haha :)

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    1. Thank you very much. This is such a sweet comment. I appreciate it so very much.


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