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Friday, December 16, 2011

Buy & Blog: mark.

Hello, my Pretties!

OK, so I'm trying something new here.  I have decided to change the word haul in my "haul" posts.  Why?  Why not??

Buy & Blog is a good choice, is it not?  I buy something then I blog about it.  Other choices were Shop & Show, Purchase & Post... LOL.

Anyhow, here are all the mark. products I just purchased recently.

I purchased 3 eyeliners and 4 lip glosses.
All from their Hook Up line.

mark. describes these eyeliners as follows:
♥Get in Line Hook Up Waterproof Eyeliner
   "A waterproof liner that lasts up to 10 hours." 
♥Metalliner Hook Up Eye Glam
   "Electrifying liquid eyeliner shades glamorized with metallic pearl for a sleek chrome effect."
On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner
   "Get a precise, long-wearing finish with this quick-drying, easy-to-apply liquid liner.   
My Hook Up Eyeliners.

Left to Right:
♥Get In Line Hook Up Waterproof Eyeliner
   3.5 ml (0.123 fl oz)
♥Metalliner Eye Glam Hook Up
  2.5 g net wt (0.088 oz)
♥On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner
   2.5 ml (0.08 fl oz)

I love the tiny brush tips.
You can get a real fine line or make it as thick as you like.


Top to Bottom:
♥Get in Line Hook Up Waterproof Eyeliner in Painted Black
   This a very nice, deep, dark, pure black eyeliner.  (Available in 4 shades.)
♥Metalliner Eye Glam Hook Up in Blue Chrome
   I love this blue!  It's so bold and metallic!  (Available in 3 shades.)
♥On the Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner in Medusa
   This one is a good day time eyeliner.  Medusa is a very dark, deep brown.  (Available in 3 shades.)

My Hook Up Lip Glosses.

Left to Right:
♥Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss
   3.5 g net wt (0.12 oz)
♥Pro Gloss Hook Up Plumping Lip Shine
   3 g net wt (0.105 oz)
♥Lots of Lacquer Hook Up Super Color Lip Gloss
   3 g net wt (0.105 oz)
♥Glow Baby Glow Luxe Hook Up Lip Gloss
   3 g net wt (0.105 oz)

Glow Baby Glow & Lots of Lacquer are sponge tipped
doe foot applicators.
Pro Gloss & Glow Baby Glow Luxe are brushes.

Glow Baby Glow Hook Up Lip Gloss
in Girly Girl.

mark. describes this as a "mint-flavored lip gloss" available in 7 shades.  This is a clear pink base with very subtle shimmer to it.

Pro Gloss Hook Up Plumping Lip Shine
in Smashing.

mark. describes this as "a special 3D complex helps hydrate for fuller lips" available in 4 shades.  This is a clear red extra shiny gloss.  No glitter, no shimmer.

Lots of Lacquer Hook Up Super Color Lip Gloss
in Rush.

mark. describes this as an "opaque conditioning gloss featuring glassy shine and a cool spearmint kick" available in 4 shades.  This one is extra pretty.  More pigmented than the other two and this one has more apparent shimmers throughout.

Glow Baby Glow Luxe Hook Up Lip Gloss
in Flirty Luxe.

mark. describes this as "super-reflective particles create an extra glam effect" available in 4 shades.  This is my favorite one by far.  It is the most pigmented of the bunch and the silver micro shimmers and tiny red reflects are much more noticeable.

And with every 2 Hook Ups you purchase you get a FREE connector to connect your Hook Ups together.  You can customize your own eye/eye, lip/lip, or eye/lip combo!

Hook Up Cosmetic Connector.
Free with 2 Hook Up purchases or $0.50 is purchased separately.

Snap in your desired Hook Up at either end and
you have your own customized makeup.

Just so you know, I sell Avon and mark. too so if you are interested in anything that I showed you today, feel free to check out my eStore HERE.

To go straight to the eyeliners, click HERE.
To go straight to the lip glosses, click HERE.

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All products that were mentioned in this post were purchased by me with my own money.  I am an Independent Avon Sales Representative.  I am not sponsored and I was not paid by Avon/mark. to do this post. ♥♥


  1. I love mark. and Avon products! I sell them too!

  2. @Miss Dre, awesome! How long have you been selling? I usually by more Avon than mark. but now, I'm thinking I'm going to be purchasing a lot more mark. :)

  3. @NeonChipmunk, thank you! Swatching on my finger tip is new to me. But I've heard that doing it that way gives you a true swatch. I think I'll stick to doing it this way :)

    @Emm, they are! I like them. The lighter 2 look fairly sheer on my lips but the last 2 are more pigmented and look really nice :)


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