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Saturday, December 31, 2011

BIRTHDAY GIFT: ULTA Complete Color 73-Piece Collection

Hello, my Pretties!

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I lost my camera so I haven't been able to take any new pictures which is driving me crazy because I wanted to do some specific posts before the new year.  Oh well.

Such posts that will be missing, will be:
December Favorites
December Empties
Favorite 2011 Products
My Collective Birthday Show and Tell
and more...

I'm not happy about that.  But hopefully I will find it soon and get back on track as soon as I possibly can.  So, since I can't do a collective birthday haul (I took some pics of my gifts as I got them but not of the later ones I received) I will just show you in detail this one gift I just loved.

ULTA Complete Color 73-Piece Collection

My birthday was on December 21st and it was a big one for me.  I turned 30.  I was excited at first, then depressed, then excited again.  Since I officially became 30, I've been happy.  I still feel the same.  Just more mature.  Like they say in the movie 13 Going on 30, I'm "thirty, flirty, and thriving."

My mom was the one who got this nice little gift for me.  She knows I love makeup and I was really surprised that she got me makeup because she always gets me a sweater.  Bad thing about having a birthday in the winter, you always gets sweaters!

Opened up.

Here it is all opened up.  It's really nice and compact.  Up top is the mirror and the brushes are on the bottom.  The sides open outwards to reveal even more makeup goodness.

Tools included.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not loving these brushes.  I know I won't use them.  I have a nice set of brushes that I always use.  I might just give these to my daughters who love to pretend to put on makeup.  That way, they won't go to waste.

Eyeshadows part 1.

The first part of the eyeshadows are all purples and plums with a couple nice highlight shades thrown in.
Top Row, Left to Right:
Iceland, Sweet, Love, Eye Candy, Impulsive, and Flirty
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Bloom, Zephyr, Majesty, Wisteria Lane, Heiress, and Plum Noir

Eyeshadows part 2.

The second part of the eyeshadows is larger because it is the part in the middle.  This palette includes more earthy tones of browns and reds.  Love the cream shadows which can also be used as highlights.
Top Row, Left to Right:
Cocoa Bean, Mystical, Organza, Cafe Latte, Calla Lilly, and Naked.
Middle Row, Left to Right:
Molten, Brown Sugar, Truffle, Camel, Stardust, and Silk.
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Cherry Bomb, Firework, Flame, Sun-kissed, Sunburst, and Au Naturel.

Eyeshadows part 3.

The third part of eyeshadows are cooler tones of blues and greens and some blacks and silvers to do a smoky eye.
Top Row, Left to Right:
Moonbeam, Seaside, Sapphire, Platinum, Gunmetal, and Galaxy.
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Key West, Green Machine, Oasis, Sage, Shamrock, and Glamazon.

Lip glosses.

Also included are 18 shades of lip gloss.
Top Row, Left to Right:
Charmed, Princess, Pink Sugar, Bellini, Buff, and Shimmer.
Middle Row, Left to Right:
Orchid, Cosmo, Ballerina, Poppy, Hot Coral, and Radiant.
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Sublime, Miami Pink, Lovely, Siren, Cutie, and Caramel.

Blushes and bronzers.

I love these cheek colors.
Top Row, Left to Right:
Flush, Infatuation, and Light/Medium.
Bottom Row, Left to Right:
Afterglow, Adore, and Bronzer.

Lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner part 1.

Lip gloss in Flirtini.  Lipstick in Precious Pink.  Eyeliner in Black.

Lip gloss, lipstick, eyeliner part 2.

Lip gloss in Mischief.  Lipstick in Toast.  Eyeliner in Deep Brown.

Now can you see why I love this gift so much!  It's really nice.  I love the black and leopard trim case.  I love how it all folds up neatly into a small cube.  The eyeshadow selection is really great.  The cheek colors too!  I really love how all the makeup has names.  I love using makeup with names!

I have yet to try this.  I wanted to make sure I took pictures of untouched makeup first!  First rule of being a beauty blogger, can't use anything until all photos have been taken first!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All items mentioned in this post were given to me as a gift. ♥♥


  1. Once you try it let me know how it is. I always wanted to try ULTA makeup.

  2. @Michelle, I sure will! I hope I find my camera soon so I can post and FOTD using this baby. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. That is an awesome gift that your mom got you for your birthday!! All the colors are so pretty!

  4. Great gift No I have never tryed that but please do give us a review on this everything looks very pretty!

  5. @Jacquelyn, isn't it lovely? I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked so well! I did a teal, silver, and brown look and it was nice! Too bad I couldn't take pics :)

    @Miss Tapia, I hadn't seen these before or else it would have been on my wish list too! I'm thrilled that I got one.

    @D.Sadie, it really is! I'm loving it so far. I used a little bit of everything and I'm happy with it all :)

    @Hunter87, I've tried it and I like it. I can't wait to get my new camera to start taking swatches and do my review for you all :)

  6. The eyeshadows look very nice!

  7. Hi,

    Its awesome to get this as gift from someone you love and care. Really so cute thanks for sharing. :)

  8. @Jessica, I haven't swatched all of them but I have done a couple of looks with them and they are nicely pigmented. I happy with them so far :)

    @Ideas for Presents for Girls, yes! Believe me, it was such a surprise and a wonderful gift for a makeup lover such as myself :)


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