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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beauty Army: Join the Beauty Revolution!

Photo taken from Beauty Army website at

Hello, my Pretties!

You will be seeing a lot of this blog post going around today.  I promise.

But I am going to join in on the action too.

Join the beauty revolution!  Join Beauty Army!!  Beauty Army, for those of you who might have been living under a rock and haven't heard about them,  is a monthly premium beauty sampling subscription service that allows their members to choose their own samples or have the beauty enthusiasts at Beauty Army choose them for you after completing a short beauty questionnaire upon signing up. 

That is the beauty of Beauty Army.  You never get unwanted samples because you get to choose your own.  And you get to choose up to 6 samples!

The monthly subscription price tag is $12.  Or, you can pay $132 for a full year and that gets you your 12th kit free.  Yay for free stuff!

Right now Beauty Army kits are only being offered to US residents at this time and ship via USPS First Class and you will receive a tracking number so that's a good thing.

They also have a Rewards Program based on Beauty Badges.  There are four Beauty Badges to aspire to.
Cadet Badge: 10% of your first order.
Recruiter Badge: get one month free when you get 5 friends to become members.
Captain Badge: free shipping on your next full size order when you fill out your fifth brand survey.
Major Badge: get 15% off your next full size order when you have gotten 5 friends to join and have filled out 5 brand surveys.

Please, check out to sign up for this promising program.  Once you sign up, head on over to their Facebook page at and tell them I sent you!

"I just joined the beauty revolution thanks to Lisa of!"

But hurry and sign up.  Launch date is January 1, 2012.  And there will only be 300 kits available for the month of January!

Will you be a Beauty Army recruit?

Luv & Luk,


  1. I will have to see how good this is when it comes out are u going to do this box?

  2. This is the first I've ever heard of it, but it does sound good! I'll think about it more, and see how it goes :) Thanks for posting!

    By the way, it's been brought to my attention that many people don't see my posts from my blog on their feed anymore, and it could be because I changed my URL. I know you're already a follower of mine, but you probably don't see my posts on your feed. If I could please ask you to head on over to my blog, unfollow it then re-follow it, and then you should be able to see my posts in your feed again! I'd really appreciate it :)

    It's Thanks so much!

  3. wow. this is nice! :) I will be checking this out after this comment. Thanks for sharing this over! :)

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on you might wanna join. ♥

  4. That's really cool! Thanks for sharing.

  5. @Hunter87, I think I'm going to try it. I'm not subbed to any sample box program yet and I like that this one will let you choose the samples. I hope it turns out to be good!

    @Huda, I've missed you! Thanks so much for stopping by. I've already unsubbed and subbed back so I hope that it fixes the problem. If you decided to join the Beauty Army, let me know. I'm thinking I might but not 100% sure yet :)

    @BEBE, yay! I'm glad you are interested. I don't know how good it will be but it sounds promising. And thank you for the invite. I will definitely check out your giveaway :)

    @Vintage Makeup, you're welcome. I'm tempted to try it. Sounds good :)


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