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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sephora Sample Bag

Hello, my Pretties!

Last week my dear older sister gave me a little gift. So sweet of her. She's my fellow beauty buddy even though she is no where near as obsessed with makeup as I am. I'm the only one this crazy in my family. She is really supportive of my passion and when she can, she will give me some goodies.

Our JCPenny's was having a grand opening for the Sephora they now have inside. Something like that... Anyway, she grabbed one of these for herself and one for me!

Small Sephora makeup bag.
This bag is cute. Very simple. It's glossy, it's black, it has SEPHORA in big white letters on it. It is long and small. It is a good size to carry in your purse with just a few beauty staples.

5 samples inside!
I really like samples! (FREE SAMPLES!) I have a huge makeup bag in my stash where I keep all the samples I have accumulated over time. LOL. I think samples really help you to decided whether you like something or not. But then again, sometimes they are enough for one use so you can't make a decision off of that. I'm just saying! Samples are fun either way.

Little business card inside.
FREE to-go samples of anything in the store! How awesome is that? I didn't know about this. Very cool.

Ole Henriksen
Ultimate Lift Eye Gel for all Skin Types
Net Wt. 0.10 oz/ 3g

Sephora Super Supreme Body Butter
Lusty Pleasure
6 mL/ 0.2 fl. oz.

Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment
for Under-Eye Bags
1 mL/ 0.03 fl. oz. 

Unbelievable Hydrating

Purely Nourishing Moisturizer

Meaningful Beauty
Cindy Crawford
Wrinkle Soothing Capsules

I have not tried any of these samples yet. I do intend on trying them out soon. Especially the Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment for Under-Eye Bags because I've started to see those creeping up on me. Not good.

I love my little gift!

Big thanks to my big sister!!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ All of the products mentioned in this post were given to me free of charge by my sister. ♥♥


  1. Congrats! The bag is really cute & it looks like you got some great samples :) I love JcPenney!

  2. @Vintage Makeup, thank you :) I am really liking the samples because this is all stuff I would not buy. LOL. Too much money! But this way it's fun to try them out anyway :)

  3. U are very lucky that you got all those goodies and yes please let us know how u like them =)

  4. @Hunter87, I know, this past weekend was full of goodies for me. I'll try them out as soon as I can and I hope I'll be able to do a post about it. Stay tuned! :)


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