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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bath & Body Works Gift for Me

Hello, my Pretties!

Not this last Friday, but the Friday before, my sweet-tart's aunt gave me a little gift. It was out of no where! It's not my birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, was a just because gift. Those are the best!

Here is what she gave me...

I love it already!
And as soon as I saw the bag, I was in love. Bath & Body Works is one of my all time favorite stores. Love walking in there and sniffing everything. The store itself smells so good with all the variety of scents mixing together.

My 'just because' surprise gift.
Also inside my goodie bag were two coupons. Yay for coupons! One is for a free gift with any home fragrance purchase and the other is for 20% off your entire purchase plus FREE shipping with any $25 purchase online. Sounds good to me!

Liplicious Fruit Punch Lip Gloss
.47 fl. oz./ 14mL
I've never tried these Liplicious Lip Glosses before. The Fruit Punch one I received is very, very sweet! It has a true fruity flavor to it. If you don't like flavored lip products, I highly recommend you pass. This has a very potent flavor that even if you remove the gloss, the flavor remains on your lips. The color is really pretty though. It's a hot pink with shimmer that shows up as a sheer, shimmery pink on your lips. Very glossy but can be a bit sticky. It also feels a tad thick.

Black and purple flower key chain...
And this key chain is so adorable! It's very cute and I love that you carry your Liplicious on it. I'm not sure if it will work with other lip glosses or not. I haven't tried that yet but I don't see why not as long as the size is right.

...and lip gloss holder!
I don't use the key chain to carry my lip gloss, though. My daughter always takes the lip gloss off and she eats it. Yup. Smells and tastes like candy!

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Triple Moisture Body Cream
8 oz./ 286 g
Without even knowing, she picked the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent which my sweet-tart loves. He likes to buy the Japanese Cherry Blossom hand sanitizers and carries them in his pocket for work. The lotion is so thick and rich. It definitely leaves the skin feeling so super soft and the fragrance is strong and lingers for a long time.

Well, my dears, I just wanted to share this small little haul-like post with you. You all know that I haven't been buying any makeup or beauty items anymore so gifts are the only way I get new stuff!

Thanks to Tia Yolanda!! Much love goes out to her!

Luv & Luk,


  1. I heart B&BW too!!! Anything that smells delicious and sweet is perfect!!!

  2. Sorry for not commenting in so long, for some reason your posts don't show up on my dashboard! :( Anyways love everything you got! It looks great :)

  3. @Nicole, I agree! I wish I could buy there more often, though. I wanna work there. LOL.

    @Vintage Makeup, aw, no worries, sweetie. I don't blog as much as I used to anymore. I want to, I just can't seem to make the time for it anymore. But thank you for stopping by, I always appreciate it :)

    @G A B Y, it is very tasty!!

  4. Those are the gifts I love the most, the ones out of the blue! Love your stuff

  5. @Kristen, hey girl! Glad you stopped by! I know right, I love surprises like this. They really are the best :) If only they happened more often, huh? LOL.


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