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Saturday, September 24, 2011

LFI: Chaotic

Hello, my Pretties!

I haven't done a Look For Inspiration in a long time so I decided to do one today!

For those of you, beauties, who are new to my blog, an LFI post is one in which I just show you a look. Don't mention what I used at all. This way, you just take it for what it is and work it for yourself in your own way.

Brands don't ever have to be exact to what was used in the picture. You use what you got! Make it your own.

LFI: Chaotic
I chose to name this look Chaotic because I think it is! LOL.

The colors that I used are so all over the place. I used a bold teal, a deep dark black, a bright white with purple iridescence, and a rich copper.

I could have actually named it Seasons too. LOL. I associate the teal with summer, the black with winter, the white/purple with spring, and copper with fall. Oooh, now the creative juices are flowing!

Finish touch. Shiny pink lips.
I'm not sure if the pink lips were a good add on to this look. Hmm, I'm on the fence with this one. What do you think? Honestly, I used this lip color because it is my all time favorite as of right now :)

Full face shot.

I do hope that you all try this look out. It's a bit all over the place but sometimes that just gives the look more character. I do like it. The colors really don't go together at all but somehow, it all worked out in the end.

Your thoughts?

Luv & Luk,


  1. I like this a lot! Looks great on you, I have been missing your LFI posts!

  2. @Amber, thank you! I had totally forgotten all about my LFI series LOL. Well, I am back for now (I probably will forget to do them again!) and I do have 2 more LFI posts scheduled for later on. Hope you will like those too :)

  3. The lips totally suit the shadow! Really pretty look :)

  4. @Vintage Makeup, LOL, yeah, the whole look is pretty random! Haha :) So, thanks for the comment :)

  5. Love the lip color and the eye look is very pretty!
    Very good job!

  6. @Hunter87, thanks Jazmin! I love this lip gloss, and the sad thing is that I am almost out! Ahhhh! LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  7. Gorgeous! Love the lip color. I think it looks great with this look! :)

  8. @Tina Marie, aw, thanks so much. I love this lip color but I wasn't sure it went with the copper of the eye look but I'm glad that you liked it. I feel better now :)

  9. I love this look. You did a great job on the crease :)


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