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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Born Pretty Part 1

Hello, my Pretties, today I come to you with my very first ever review for a company. I'm not sure at all how to go about this so I'm going to wing it and I hope it turns out well. *Crosses fingers*

On April 13th, I contacted Born Pretty about trying out some of their products for a possible review. I was soon contacted back by a very friendly customer service rep with the details. I would be given a $9.00 and change limit to choose the items that I wanted to review. I emailed her back with the items I chose and my mailing address and my items would be shipped out to me for free. Sweet!

I picked my two items, that's all I could get without going over the limit, and I waited for my package. On April 15th, the same customer support rep contacted me via email that my items had already been shipped. Woo hoo!

On May 1st, I contacted the Born Pretty customer support because I had not yet received my package. I wanted to know how much longer I was going to have to wait.

On May 3rd, I was told the package would take between 2-4 weeks because it was coming all the way from Singapore. OK. I will wait some more. Through all this, the customer support reps remained very helpful and super polite.

On June 15th, I emailed them back to let them know that I never did receive their package. I told them that I was sorry that it did not work out, that I was really looking forward to trying out their products. Basically, no hard feelings.

That same day, I received another email from them telling me that they were sorry for any inconvenience. My items must have been missed during shipment. They even asked me if it was OK if they reshipped my package. All I was asked to do was to confirm my mailing address which was correct. I agreed to let them send me another package.

And on July 12th, my package finally arrived!

This was inside my package.

A Born Pretty business card.

6 of the Shimmer 12 Color Eyeshadows.
Item ID 316

The other 6 of the Shimmer 12 Color Eyeshadows.
Item ID 316

Violet Color Matt Dull Polish.
Item ID1030
I know I took forever to do this review. I waited so long for my package and when I finally get it, I am in the middle of moving mayhem. It took us practically the whole month to move out of our old apartment and settle into the new homestead. I'm so sorry.

I will have to divide this into 3 parts, I think. One was to let you know the over all experience with this company. Another part will be focusing on the eyeshadows and the third installment will be on the nail polish.

I just wanted to say that the ordering was a breeze. The waiting for the package was a disaster but like I mentioned, the customer support reps were so helpful and kind. I didn't mind communicating with them about my lost package. Very kind people. I thank them all for all of their help.

Stay tuned for the eyeshadow swatches!

Luv & Luk,

♥♥ Items mentioned in this post were sent to me by for review purposes. These are my own thoughts and honest opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation, but I did get the products for free. ♥♥


  1. Awesome Lov those little pigments I managed to get some a while ago from ebay they are soo great! Glad you finally got your goodies

  2. @Cathy, oh my gosh, yes, it took forever to get them. I want to order from them again but I'm afraid it will take forever again. But I don't think so. I think this was just a bad experience. I def want to get more of these. I looked them up on eBay and there are so many. Even in like lots of 50! Yay! But I don't know how to use eBay. LOL, don't laugh at me! I'll ask my hunny, I'm sure he knows :)

  3. Love it. going to check out the site! thanks hun!!

  4. @Purple Eye Diamond, yay! I hope you like the site. There are some pretty good things on there. If you order, let me know and I hope that you get your order in a lot faster than mine! XXOO


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