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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finger Painting: Avon Mirror Shine

Hello, my Pretties!

I have a quick post for you today. It's a nail polish post! Woo hoo!

While looking through my small stash of nail polish the other day, I found this old, and I mean old, nail polish that I bought from Avon years back. YEARS.

I gave it a quick shake and applied it to one nail and, whoa, it applied as if it was brand new! I was impressed. It was not clumpy, goopy, thick, and the color was intact. Seriously, impressive.

Avon Mirror Shine Nail Enamel in Polish.
Here is this very cool polish. It's from Avon and I purchased this ages ago. I cannot tell you exactly how much I paid for this but I am willing to bet my life that it was $1.99. The Avon nail polishes that are packaged in these plastic bottles are always very cheap. I believe that Avon still offers these polishes once in a while, the same colors just in a different bottle. Same look and design to it except that the bottles are now black instead of gray.

Do you see that year? 2002! What??
I was never one to polish my nails on a regular basis so I guess that's why I still have this nail polish from back in 2002. 2002? Is that right?? My nail polish collection is very small and I have a lot of nail polishes I'm sure are just about this old. I would never buy nail polishes and when I did, I rarely used them. This bottle of polish was still fairly full but there was no weird odor to so I used it anyway. Bad idea?

Here are my nails after 2 coats of Polish.
After the first initial application, the color was fully opaque. No need for a second coat at all. But I did apply a second coat out of habit. Like I said, the polish went on smoothly and easily. The only reason why my index finger looks a little wonky is because I had actually shaved off a piece of the top of my nail while cleaning the a/c vents in our apartment. Other than that, I think the finished nails look pretty good. Very smooth finish. The final look of this nail polish after drying is verging on matte. It's not glossy but it's not a completely flat finish either. It is supposed to look like "chrome".

Avon Mirror Shine Nail Enamel in Polish
Wet 'n Wild Nail Color in Sunny Side Up
Wet 'n Wild Nail Color in Lavender Creme
Well, here's an added bonus!

I decided to take a swing at "nail art" and the proof is in the picture that I am not at all good at nail art! I tried. That's all I can say. I didn't even have a design planned out or anything. I was just going through my nail polish box and I found these polishes and figured I could use them.

Here is what I came up with. STOP LAUGHING!

I call this look "Party Clown".
I call this the "Party Clown" because I totally see a clown-y aspect to this. LOL. Hot pink (I have no idea why the polish is named Lavender Creme!) and orange with purple, total clown colors! I just thought that the orange dots looked very much like buttons on a clown suit.

Not even worth being in this post but I figured, I'm going to keep practicing my nail art and I will eventually excel at it so, it would be really funny to post my first attempt at nail art and laugh about it in the future.

As if I'm not laughing at it now!

Thanks, dolls, for stopping by my blog. Take care!

Luv & Luk,


  1. fun! The color of the avon one is so pretty! Can't believe its still good after all these years! score! =) haha

  2. Love the color & the mirror look!
    The last picture reminds me of Easter :)

  3. Its all about having fun! I like that Avon color such a pretty color looks very nice of u

  4. @Miranda, tell me about it! I was shocked it still worked! LOL. I'm glad I tested it out before throwing it in the trash.

    @Tiffany, purple is one of my favorite color for nails and eyeshadows :) I love the finish too. It's a little unique. Definitely different than all the nail polishes I have. LOL, yeah, Easter. I can see that now :)

    @Hunter, it was fun! Now it just looks FUNny! LOL but I'll keep working at it. Thank you!!

  5. Love this!
    It's a great color combo. I totally see the clown-y aspect but I still like it =)

  6. @Wendy, thanks! The color combo is OK but the design is funky...and I mean that in a not so good way. LOL. I might try this color combo again but maybe change it up to a flower or something instead :)


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